Message: Husband Didn’t Want to Go Anal Only, So We Tried It For a Week

domesticatedhousewife7You have made my life amazing. My husband didn’t want to go anal only so I begged him to try it for a week, that was the beginning of September. We are still going strong and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop soon!!

That’s so great to hear, I’m really glad it’s working out so wonderfully for you. Sometimes a little push without a long-term commitment is all it takes for people who are initially resistant to the idea of being anal only to discover that their concerns about it aren’t actually valid and they really enjoy it in reality.

So for anyone out there who may have such concerns that are keeping them from going anal only, or who has a partner hesitant to try it, consider a short term trial period. No Pussy November is an excellent opportunity to try being anal only, whether for a week, two weeks, or the whole month initially. A good number of people over the years have done it for the month and ended up not going back afterwards because they enjoyed it so much and discovered how much better than vaginal it really is.

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