Message: Vaginal Uncomfortable After Giving Birth, Now We’re Anal Only

Anonymous: Hello. After I gave birth to our son, vaginal sex has become really uncomfortable, and my gynaecologist recommended that my husband and I stopped vaginal sex for a few months. Our sex life was already very calm, so I asked him if there really was no alternative, and he said we could do anal sex if we were into that. Now it’s been a year and a half, and my husband still penetrates my ass only. I stumbled on his browser history and he watches anal porn a lot.

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience! That’s actually very common, vaginal sex becoming uncomfortable, painful, or losing all pleasure after giving birth. Among mothers, it’s probably the most common reason for going anal only. Since getting pregnant is the primary purpose of the vagina, it makes sense that once you have done so and had the children you are going to have, it stops becoming pleasurable to do so further, especially since you have a superior alternative—anal—for recreational sex.

It sounds like he’s perfectly happy with the arrangement, but you don’t mention your own thoughts about it. Is it satisfactory to you too?

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