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Anonymous: I want to do Anal only November but I don’t know a lot about anal prep. Like I know how anal works and have done it before but I would like to know what you think all the steps of prep should be.

I highly recommend participating in No Pussy November!

Everyone has different needs and preferences for preparation before anal. Some will want to clean out beforehand, others don’t much need to, as the rectum is generally empty except right before going to the bathroom. If you plan to, I recommend just using a small amount of warm water to only flush any residue out of the rectum and not get the water deeper into the colon. Repeat a couple times with just a small bit of water. It should only take several minutes. If you use more water and get into deeper enema territory, you risk causing a bigger mess rather than just cleaning up a little bit.

As for warmup, wearing a butt plug for a while before having sex can be an excellent and enjoyable way to do so, especially if you already have anal experience. A bit of dildoing can do the trick as well. If you’re less experienced, you may want to work through more of a gradient from something small like a single finger, then add fingers as you feel comfortable doing so, working up through the sizes.

If you have any other or more specific questions, feel free to ask!

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