Message: My Body Was Made for Anal Only

Anonymous: What’s kind of funny is that is much easier for me to take cock in my ass than my cunt. I need a lot of time to warm up for vaginal and it often hurts at first, but as long as I’m having anal at least twice a week I can just lube up my dildo and hop on. I don’t need prep at all, but ironically always need it for vaginal. Its like my body was made for anal only.

I think that’s the case for more women than one might realize at first. Just because vaginal is “more natural” in a biological sense doesn’t mean that it actually feels better or is easier to have sex with. There are a lot of reasons vaginal may be unpleasant for someone, and in those cases, anal is often a lot easier. Especially once you get started and in a routine, anal just requires maintaining some frequency of sex/play to have it regularly with little preparation for most people.

If you aren’t already anal only, I suggest that you take this as a motivating factor to become so. Why waste time on your vagina anymore when your ass is so much better?

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