Message: Anal Only For Two Years, But She Hasn’t Had an Anal Orgasm

My wife and I have been going anal only for at least 2 yrs now and she still hasn’t had an anal orgasm.  She loves anal and says it makes her feel good and very tingly but I would really like it if she could have an orgasm, any suggestions? Thx

It’s different for different people, and some can easily do it without effort while others need to really work towards it. Have her tell you when a particular position, angle or depth feels especially good to her or makes her feel like she could cum (or even if it makes her feel like she needs to pee), and keep focusing on doing what you were doing and try to get that feeling to build to orgasm for her. Try some other supplemental stimulation, like playing with her nipples at the same time.

That said, it sounds like she’s happy as she is even without an anal orgasm. Does she want them as well, or is it more just something you want? If you haven’t, talk with her about it, and see what her own wants are regarding it. Some women prefer the constant arousal and pleasure of not orgasming.

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