Month: April 2017

Message: Training Girlfriend to Orgasm From Anal Only

Anonymous: What’s the best way to train my gf to orgasm from anal only? She loves anal, we never use her vagina, but she always needs some clit stimulation to push her over the edge. How should we train so we can leave her clit alone?

Keep trying to use her clit less and less, just the bare minimum needed to cum at the last moment. Take some time with total clit denial over multiple sessions so she gets particularly aroused and hasn’t had an orgasm for days, then have anal sex and focus on getting her to a state where she feels like an orgasm is building, then just keep doing whatever it takes to have that feeling in her and see if you can make it grow until she goes over the edge into orgasm. If after a few days she still can’t, try just the tiniest bit of clit stimulation, then try again for a few days and repeat.

Also try having her drink a lot of water before and have anal sex on a full bladder. It can make her more sensitive and sometimes can make it easier to orgasm from anal.

Message: Anal Only Was My Number One Fantasy

Anonymous: Another chiming in to thank you for your blog. I found it a long time ago and it really stuck in my mind and before long became my number 1 fantasy. I started masturbating anal only last year and that turned me on so much that I started to cum from anal without my clit. The orgasms feel better that way, and I think it’s sexier to not rub myself. I was single at the time, but when I got a new boyfriend who was into anal, we agreed to ignore my pussy and haven’t used it at all. So, thank you!

You’re welcome, and I’m glad I could help inspire you to try it! Enjoy, and stay anal only.

Message: I Hate Your Blog

Anonymous: I hate your blog so much! I wish you would take it down. You’re making it so hard for women who won’t do anal to date anymore, all the guys want anal more and more or anal only, and I could never do that. Why do you insist on anal only so much? It’s like we’re all going to have to go anal only now just to get a date.

I highly doubt I have the influence to affect your dating life. Anal only may be growing in popularity over just a few years ago, but it’s still a fairly niche practice. Far more likely is the general cultural acceptance of anal leading to guys being more assertive for their desire or need to have anal. Anal is becoming like oral in the not-to-distant past—no longer a niche, something many people are expecting as a normal part of a relationship.

Just as these guys you’re encountering seem to be standing up for their need for anal, you can stand up for your disinterest in it. I guarantee there are guys out there who only want vaginal as well.

I’m not “insisting” on anal only, I’m advocating for it and encouraging people to try it, but beyond that everyone has the ability to decide whether they do or don’t want to have anything to do with it. As it turns out, a decent number of people like the idea.

That said, why not try anal? Try it on your own time, get familiar with it, masturbate with something in your ass. You’ll probably enjoy it. There’s a reason it’s getting so popular, and it’s not a one-sided thing just because guys want it. It feels really good for women when done correctly, and can make you orgasm better than vaginal/clitoral. It’s definitely worth experimenting with for your own sake, at your own pace.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following responses.

420spacequeenI am a strong independent woman and fuck my ass on a regular basis. I love it!! So many nerve endings. Use a plug while masturbating your clit. Go bigger and bigger each size plug. You’ll soon be begging to be fucked in the ass non-stop.

wrexlessMasturbate with a butt plug in, or have your partner use a toy on you while you have a finger or plug (or anything really) in your butt. That’s how my wife got into it.

Message: Don’t Be Intimidated

Anonymous: Please don’t be intimidated by political correctness and keep on managing your blog exactly how you want it! I’ve always been into anal, but it’s my husband who gradually brought me to anal only, then clitoral denial, then helped me enjoy sex independently from orgasms. We have a power exchange thing going on, he can be quite verbal, and like you, he loves telling me how my cunt and clitoris are useless, how anal is the superior thing, etc. and I love it! We both love your blog as it is!

Thank you—I intend to.

I’m glad to hear that you’re both happily enjoying the anal only lifestyle, and that you enjoy the blog.

Message: Why Did Pussy Become the Default?

Anonymous: Why did pussy become the default to most people, anyway? I’m 34 and I’ve never found it enjoyable. I played with my ass for years before I figured out that most girls were playing with their pussy or rubbing their clit to masturbate instead, but I honestly hate how they feel. My ass feels amazing, my clit and pussy feel weird and unpleasant no matter how many times I’ve tried or given in to a boyfriend wanting to fuck them. I haven’t done it for years, though, I’m all anal now and happy.

Well, given that vaginal sex is how humans reproduce, that’s a pretty strong reason for it to traditionally be the default. But we’re far past that point where human reproduction is so critical that we should be using vaginas for all sexual activity, and since humans are more than just instinct, we can now recognize that outside of reproductive acts, anal is more pleasurable and better suited for sex. So despite reasonable reasons for a vaginal default in the past, its time has passed and we’re in the age of anal only now. The more people give up vaginal and adopt anal only, as you and many others have done, the more pleasure and satisfaction everyone will be getting out of sex.

Let’s leave pussy for making babies and nothing else, and stop wasting any time there when we can be assfucking exclusively and having a lot more fun.

Message: Girlfriend Has Done Anal Before But Won’t With Me

Anonymous: Hit 22, my question is more related to the emotions I’m having towards anal. I have been with my girlfriend for 3 years now and she has done it before with her prior boyfriend a handful of times. She let me try and it was unsuccessful and I never was able to fulfill an intimate fantasy eith my fiancé. She is persistent on not letting me do so anymore, but I feel as if it’s unfair to me. Am I selfish for feeling like that since she’s done it before? And is it weird it’s a fantasy I really want?

How was it unsuccessful? Why won’t she let you try it again? Talk it over with her and figure out the reasons she’s not interested. Tell her that you’d like to do it with her, but you want to make sure she really enjoys it as well, and if she’s willing to consider it, work to get her to the point where she is comfortable with some light anal play—either rimming or fingering—and gradually work up over time from there, with her dictating the pace. There’s a lot more information elsewhere on this blog and online about the process of preparing for anal and enjoying it, but she has to be interested in trying first. Pressuring her won’t help and will just make things worse.

Message: How Do I Ask A Girl If She Wants To Do Anal?

Anonymous: How to ask a girl if she wants to do anal? And how to prepare it? Is it messy at the first time? I really want to do anal.

Use your words? “Hey, do you want to try anal? I think it could be a lot of fun and it can feel really good if you do it right.” Reassure her that you’ll go at her pace, let her be in control, and put the focus on her pleasure. You’re going to enjoy how it feels no matter what, so prioritize her enjoyment of anal stimulation and she’ll want to keep doing it regularly. Read up on anal training and preparation together. Start small and slow. Always use lube. Don’t go for anal sex right away, use your fingers or some toys for a while and get her into how it feels before slowly working up in size. If she’s into the idea, encourage her to play with her ass on her own whenever she masturbates.

It can be messy if you don’t prepare or know your digestive system well. She should go to the bathroom before trying, and if very concerned about cleanliness, might consider using an anal douche to flush out the rectum before anal play and sex. With a balanced diet containing a good amount of fiber, the rectum is generally quite clean on its own except right before you need to the bathroom. Experimentation and experience will help make this easier to predict.

Don’t Know If I Have The Strength To Go Anal Only

loveletterstomister: It’s been seven weeks since I last had an orgasm. Almost 100% sure that needs to happen like yesterday

pussysucks: Don’t be silly, you can keep going without. You don’t need to cum. You don’t need your cunt or your clit. You just need to keep plugging and fucking your ass instead, and get the pleasure and satisfaction from that, which orgasms won’t give you.

jennyfuckface: I don’t know if I would have the strength to go anal only though the idea makes me wet.

If you like the idea and are turned on by it, then you owe it to yourself to try. Recognize that if you’re trying it for the first time, you may not last long before going back to your old ways, but also recognize that that can be a normal part of the process and when you do so, don’t take it too hard—just pick up where you left off and try to go longer anal only the next time.

It’s easy to start on your own. Just stop masturbating with your pussy or clit, and masturbate anal only.

Message: I Don’t Understand Why Guys Are So Afraid Of Ass

Anonymous: I don’t understand why guys are so afraid of ass, like damn, I would eat ass more than I would eat pussy. Get my face right in between her ass cheeks and rim and spit and tongue her asshole. Am I the only person that enjoys anal anything so very much?

Not at all. I suspect many of the guys who follow this blog share your enthusiasm for a woman’s asshole and similar preference for eating ass over pussy.