Month: April 2017

Leave Cum In Ass or Push It Out?

fuckaliciousnes: Serious question. Girls, when a guy cums in your ass, do you prefer to leave it in or push it out?

The original version of this post on Tumblr received these responses:

carlitos31: My girl let’s me cum in her ass then goes to toilet and lets it out then.

oops-i-did-a-thingIn, of course!

shamroc125: Leave it in and let it dribble out on it’s own. ?

alleycat99: Help it stay @ put with a nice plug!

cmm1735: Leave it in.. it’s nice to feel it come out all day

ouijaboardwhoree: Leave it in, but it usually makes its way out anyway lol.

foxglove5555: Leave it in and put a plug there…

lauren-bi-ren: Leave it in

Message: Butt Plug as a Pacifier

I’ve been AO at my boy’s request as a try out – and well, it’s been 6 months now 🙂 I don’t see any reason to stop.

In fact, we’ve been playing around with me plugging myself a bit before we’re gonna be together – usually at work (heehee) – it seems to help me be ready – almost to the point of no foreplay (or extra lube, just what was left from the plugging – he slips it out and before I can close up again, he slides in slowly all the way).

I’ve been noticing, however, that I get really excited thinking about seeing him after work or whatever, but the stress of work mixed together with that energy can really make me get a little frantic and crazy. Only until I put my plug in do I seem to be able to calm down and direct my energy.. I don’t know why! Any ideas?

First, congratulations on the 6 months of anal only and the realization that there’s no reason to stop and you want to stick with it, that’s wonderful.

Frequent plugging definitely has the advantage of making frequent sex very easy and is an excellent habit for anal only women to develop, because it will make it much more rewarding and reduce common issues that get in the way of long term anal only.

If I had to guess, I would say that you’re calming down and centering yourself when you put your plug in for a few reasons—one being that it just feels good, and is sexual, so it shifts your thoughts and focus into arousal mode. Beyond that, though, it pulls your focus where it belongs—your asshole. Things are simpler when that’s all you’re paying attention to.

Message: I Feel A Hate Vibe

Anonymous: While I totally agree about doing anal sex whenever possible, I feel a hate vibe from you. I visit your site everyday, and I find your pics, videos and gifs amazing, but disregarding the vagina as useless, inferior, etcetera, don’t know, man, too much toxicity. You’re doing exactly the same as those people that disregard the ass as only a poop hole, gay, and stuff like that. Don’t be the same, promote the practice without belittling others. Make a difference

analsexonly: You may note that there is a wide range of tone on this blog, and that the captions mostly exist within a fantasy voice, while advice and answers to questions are more neutral and balanced.

Some captions will be more neutral in tone, some will be more strict and perhaps even a little aggressive at times. That has always been a feature of this blog, and will continue to be—I have many followers, and they like a wide range of things, so I try to balance things out and appeal to a broad audience.

At the same time, it’s my blog, and I post what I like. I don’t like pussy or clit, and I do think it’s inferior and fairly useless compared to ass. That’s my opinion, but I will share it here. You’re welcome to follow, or not.

Anonymous: Have you ever considered women with cock? I mean its clear that you dont like pussy, but it is also clear that you like women. So the point is: on transsexual women youll find a beautiful ass to fuck, everything else a female has to offer, and as a gift something better than a pussy to suck or play with the way you want between their legs. After you try it you will never want women with pussy again. So, why losing time with pussy women when theres better women to play with?

analsexonly: I like all anal only women. Pussy may be a waste of time, but women who have a pussy (and don’t use it) are not. And there are plenty such women out there, or women willing or even eager to become that way with the right partner.

Anonymous: Wow, the vagina is useless? As far as I recall, if that was true, we wouldn’t be here. Every organ has a function, and hence every one of them is important, no more, no less than the others. Spread the love without spreading hate, yo!

analsexonly: For recreational sex, which is the subject of this blog? Yes, useless. Ass can do all it can do and more, with more pleasure for both. That’s the entire point of this blog. If you have a problem with that idea, and want pussy to be given equal attention and treatment, then this is not the blog for you. Maybe you haven’t been following very long?

Obviously, vaginas are not completely useless in all ways. They exist for reproductive purposes, and if you want to have a child, it’s probably going to involve a vagina at some point. But, in the anal only lifestyle, that’s its only function. Outside of that, it doesn’t serve any purpose. When I (and others) refer to it as “useless”, that’s what we mean—and we’re often exaggerating this for a mix of comedic and fantasy/fetish purpose. Try not to take things so seriously and recognize that we are in fact aware that babies come from vaginas.

Anonymous: It may be your blog, but are you really entitled to show disrespect to other practices? I’m all into anal, but you’re being the same as those who disrespect anal sex

analsexonly: If that were my goal, I would be entitled to do so. That’s kind of the point of it being my blog, I’m free to use it how I please, and people choose to follow it if they like what I have to say. It is not and never will be a neutral blog, and it will always be biased in favor of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle. It’s right there in the name: Anal Sex Only.

If you have your own ideas for how anal sex should be discussed on tumblr, you’re more than welcome to create your own blog and pursue your own motivations. Don’t try to force other blogs to meet your personal standards.

You keep saying I’m being the same as people who are anti-anal, but you seem to misunderstand my intentions. My goal is not to treat vaginal and anal equally, it is explicitly to advocate for anal exclusively and the exclusion of recreational vaginal sex. Some of this is done quite seriously, some is done with humor.

Message: Deepthroat Ass To Mouth Warning

Anonymous: Last year I went ass to mouth with my dildo (deepthroating it, too) and a few days later I got a pretty hurtful throat infection. Now, i can’t blame it for sure, it could have been the cold, but I’ve been more cautious since then. My advice to anyone who enjoys doing it would be to only do it when you’re absolutely sure you’re clean, and even if you are, don’t deepthroat it? lol

It’s a good idea in general to be visibly clean when doing ass to mouth, and generally there’s little risk of an infection from your own ass when you’re clean. It’s possible that if you had a more sensitive throat or a weakened immune system from your cold that it made an infection possible to happen where it otherwise wouldn’t have, or as you say, it could’ve just been the cold causing a sore throat/infection and nothing to do with deepthroating a dildo out of your ass.

I Almost Never Go For My Pussy

angelamourxxx: I was just thinking about how when I play with myself I almost never go for my pussy. I always go for my ass and clit. Even after buying a toy specifically for my pussy, I still ignore it. I go for my butt plug, or any other toy I use in my ass, instead.

I love getting my cunt fucked rough and hard, but when I’m by myself then the hell with it. Anal orgasms are just better.

Message: Difficult to Find a Girlfriend

badexamplecat: Hi, have to admit that it’s the first time I hear of people who are having willingly only anal sex. I assume it’s difficult to find a girlfrined who will agree to it.

There are men and women both who prefer anal and are or want to be anal only. Both are a minority currently, though it is growing in popularity. I don’t know who has an easier time, but depending on where you live it can either be quite difficult or fairly easy to find a partner who will try going anal only with you.

Message: Boyfriend Likes the Idea of Anal

Anonymous: Hi so my boyfriend really likes the idea of anal but I’m not sure how to make it comfortable?

Start by just masturbating anally a lot. Do it every time you masturbate, either with some fingers in your ass, or a dildo or plug. Over time, increase the size of what’s in your ass while you masturbate. Once you can easily do it regularly with a fairly big toy, try it with your boyfriend.

Always use lube, go slowly at first, and stop and relax a moment before continuing if anything starts to hurt.

Message: How Do You Know Anal Is Good?

Anonymous: You are a man, right? So how do you know anal is all that good? Your ass has been fucked any time? Do you like being fucked?

I enjoy anal play as well, yes, but that’s not essential to knowing that women can love anal. Seeing the pleasure and orgasms women get from anal is enough for that, and having them beg for more and to never use their pussy or clit again.