Message: Training Girlfriend to Orgasm From Anal Only

Anonymous: What’s the best way to train my gf to orgasm from anal only? She loves anal, we never use her vagina, but she always needs some clit stimulation to push her over the edge. How should we train so we can leave her clit alone?

Keep trying to use her clit less and less, just the bare minimum needed to cum at the last moment. Take some time with total clit denial over multiple sessions so she gets particularly aroused and hasn’t had an orgasm for days, then have anal sex and focus on getting her to a state where she feels like an orgasm is building, then just keep doing whatever it takes to have that feeling in her and see if you can make it grow until she goes over the edge into orgasm. If after a few days she still can’t, try just the tiniest bit of clit stimulation, then try again for a few days and repeat.

Also try having her drink a lot of water before and have anal sex on a full bladder. It can make her more sensitive and sometimes can make it easier to orgasm from anal.

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