Message: How Do I Ask A Girl If She Wants To Do Anal?

Anonymous: How to ask a girl if she wants to do anal? And how to prepare it? Is it messy at the first time? I really want to do anal.

Use your words? “Hey, do you want to try anal? I think it could be a lot of fun and it can feel really good if you do it right.” Reassure her that you’ll go at her pace, let her be in control, and put the focus on her pleasure. You’re going to enjoy how it feels no matter what, so prioritize her enjoyment of anal stimulation and she’ll want to keep doing it regularly. Read up on anal training and preparation together. Start small and slow. Always use lube. Don’t go for anal sex right away, use your fingers or some toys for a while and get her into how it feels before slowly working up in size. If she’s into the idea, encourage her to play with her ass on her own whenever she masturbates.

It can be messy if you don’t prepare or know your digestive system well. She should go to the bathroom before trying, and if very concerned about cleanliness, might consider using an anal douche to flush out the rectum before anal play and sex. With a balanced diet containing a good amount of fiber, the rectum is generally quite clean on its own except right before you need to the bathroom. Experimentation and experience will help make this easier to predict.

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