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For my wife who is currently pregnant 3 months so far it’s mainly to reduce stress and fear. We ran into a miscarriage on our first attempt at a baby and this time we actually have one with a strong heartbeat. Any signs of blood or pains that can potentially happen through vaginal sex while pregnant cause concern for her and places stress on both of us. In the times we tried vaginal sex she bled and spotted. While the spotting and pains are normal it’s made vaginal sex unenjoyable and not wanted by both of us. Sex has always been a normal aspect in our lives and to remove it caused additional frustrations.

My wife and I have had anal sex only a handful of times in our 7 years of being together but the times that we did we both enjoyed it. So to not remove sex out of our lives I asked if she would like to be AO more as a joke but with mild interest. She was a little hesitant at first but after a few days she wanted to give it a shot because of the lack of sexual intimacy in our lives. So we have been AO for over a month now and both much happier. While we still talk about vaginal sex it has shown that doing anal has been more pleasurable for both of us. Orgasms for her prior to AO has only happened by fingering or clitoral stimulation. We found out that orgasms are possible for her through anal and a more enjoyable experience since she gets off be my penis alone which is something she’s always wanted. The interest in anal has definitely shown by our increased sexual activity and anticipation for the next time we can do it again. Idk if it will be a lifelong commitment for AO but our sex lives as of now reflect that it’s definitely possible.

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  1. Chris says:

    I love reading stories like this. Has anyone else noticed the pattern? Pregnancy seems to shift attention away from vaginal to anal sex. Even couples who’d not given it much thought before. Women become more persuadable and also her anus becomes more appealing to the man. Both find that anal only is not only possible but is actually preferable. It’s interesting how when the vagina has served its biological purpose then it becomes less attractive sexually.

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