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Message: Best Anal Masturbation Ever

Anonymous: I just started my first ever anal masturbation (I’m anal only, btw as well as being single) and I use jojoba oil as lube and a hot dog sausage as a sex toy to pleasure my asshole. And it feeeeels amazing and it felt so good having something in my asshole. I feel waves of pleasure in my asshole every time I push it deeper in my asshole. I will train my asshole more to make myself feel good <3

Congratulations on an excellent experience! Keep it up, as it only gets better from here!

Forum: Anyone Else Not Use Lube?

BWS19 on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum asks:

Me and my Partner are anal only by choice and convenience but we have something in common. we don’t really like to use lube as it gets rid of a lot of friction and feeling inside for us. some days when shes just naturally wide open we can get in no lube other times we need a bit and it does steal some feeling for us and make it messier sometimes but does anybody else do or like this or is it uncommon

And one of several responses:

While initially we used lube, many years Of anal now means that my wife’s a master of relaxing and letting me in. Just a little natural pre-cum – a drop or two – and then I’m sliding in balls deep.

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Message: I Hate Having A Vagina

Anonymous: Ive been an anal only girl my whole life. I desire anal so much and it’s great. However, there were times I wish I have a penis instead of vagina since vaginal gross me out and make me feel wrong, I ignore my vagina and refuse to play with it. I’m a girl, it’s just that it would be better if I was born with a penis (that doesn’t mean I want to be a male)

I know there are other women out there who dislike their vaginas or having a vagina and wish they didn’t, so you aren’t alone in that. But I’d encourage you to just channel that into your love for anal and the anal only lifestyle. You don’t need to use your vagina, so just enjoy being anal only and live your life vagina-free.

A lot of anal only guys love the idea of women who have vaginas but don’t want to use them, and don’t. So if it helps you at all, you can try to think of the idea of being anal only and having an unused vagina that’s always going to stay that way as something sexy and enjoyable.

Anal Only April 2020 is Coming Soon!

Craving something new? Why not go anal only for a whole month? Challenge yourself to Anal Only April.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try going anal only for yourself, or to bring up the idea with a partner, here’s your chance.

The rules of Anal Only April are simple: starting April 1st, whether on your own or with your significant other, stop all vaginal penetration for sex and masturbation, and replace it with anal instead.

Clitoral stimulation is optional. If you would like to go for a more advanced form of anal only, try doing it without touching your clit and only orgasming through anal. If you need your clit in order to enjoy anal, combine it with anal, but only rub your clit while also masturbating anally.

Oral sex is still allowed and encouraged, especially blowjobs and rimming. Cunnilingus is optional—some choose to exclude it, others still include it but don’t engage in any vaginal penetration as part of it.

Try your best to stick with anal only for the whole month—it’s a long enough period of time that while you might struggle a little bit with it at first, whether adjusting to the frequency of anal sex, or dealing with lingering cravings for vaginal sex or clitoral stimulation, by the end of a month most people figure out what being anal only is really like, and a majority of people who enjoyed their month trial either choose to stay anal only and not go back to vaginal, or return to it again later after a break.

If you’re already anal only, don’t worry— you can still enjoy Anal Only April yourself. Challenge yourself to have anal sex every day of the month, or to start wearing a butt plug or masturbate anally every day, or to experiment with clitoral denial and anal only orgasms if you aren’t already, or to start doing ass to mouth regularly, or to train your ass with bigger toys to be able to do anal fisting or double anal. The possibilities are endless for exploring new things as part of the anal only lifestyle. If you already enjoy double anal, consider trying making April a double anal only month—whether with two partners every time, or with a partner and a dildo, or two dildos.

Over the next week, get your plans in order, get your partner (if any) on board, and if you haven’t had anal sex yet or for a while, start working on training so that by the time Anal Only April begins, you’re ready to dive in!

If you decide to take part, let us know! Share your plans, ask any questions, and keep us updated as you start exploring the anal only lifestyle!

Message: Advice for Anal Only

Anonymous: My girlfriend and I have been talking about going anal only lately and we have some questions. We both like the idea of it, and she might honestly want it even more than me, but we want to make sure that we can do it safely and sustainably.

We do anal probably 85% of the time or more right now but sometimes she gets sore or doesn’t feel up to doing it and that’s when we do vaginal just as a backup but it isn’t what we like doing. But if we go anal only, what do we do in those situations?

We’ve noticed that when we have anal every day she stays more relaxed, does this mean she’s getting looser and will that cause any problems later?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

First of all, if you’re considering going anal only, I say go for it and give it a try. The best way to determine if it’s really for you is to just dive in and do it. Give yourself a month or two challenge to commit to it at first, and that will let you see what it’s really like and time to work out any particular issues. And then by the end of that trial period, decide if you want to extend it further, or just commit to it long term from there.

As for those times that soreness or preparation keep her from wanting to do anal, you’ll find as you shift to only doing anal that soreness generally goes away pretty quickly and as anal becomes something you do every time, her body will adjust to it and generally stop being sore even if it’s something you do daily. When she doesn’t feel well or has digestion issues that get in the way of doing anal, taking a break for a day or so to focus on oral instead can serve as a viable substitute instead of vaginal.

Her staying more relaxed when doing anal daily is actually what I was talking about above, and how it will keep her from getting sore as easily. Relaxed anal muscles don’t mean she’s getting loose, it just means she’s staying relaxed and warmed up due to more regularly using those muscles. It’s not a health concern, it’s actually keeping her safer by always being warmed up and ready for sex and so less prone to injury.

It sounds like you’re in the perfect place to shift to anal only, you just need to make that last jump now. Good luck!

Forum: Exploring the Possibilities of Anal Only, Update

Now that it’s been almost a year (oops for not coming back sooner) we’ve been mostly anal only this entire time. But not once have we finished vaginally in that time. We’re moving away from P.I.V altogether in the last few weeks. We still like oral, but even that has moved more towards rimming. I love the denial aspect and how it all ups my eagerness for the next day. Then sitting on my largest plug (2.5 inch diameter) and feeling the stretch knowing that I still can’t quite fit it all the way. Knowing that he wil be able to take me at will and slip in all the way without hesitation…

I just ordered a blunt plug and happy hour from square peg so that I can stay plugged longer and more comfortably.

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Message: How to Find an Anal Only Girl?

Anonymous: So i am a guy. I have always been obsessed with anal sex since i was a toddler. It sounds weird but i can recall fantasies ive had since i was 3/4. But when I would always fantasize about sex, and when ever i thought about girls it would always be about the butt. I never knew what a vagina was until i was in the 5th grade. Yeah I know. I dont like penis, and vagina is nice, but i really really really have a insane obsession with a womans ass hole. I dont know why but a womans butt gets me going. Like somethings its so much if I havent jacked off I feel like breaking things and throwing chairs across the room. I dont know why im doing this but it feels good to let it out here and just say how I feel haha. I have never had anal sex sadly. I have fingered a butt, and eaten it out (i love ass) but never got to stick my penis in. All i want is a anal only type of girl. Any clue on how to find one?

It sounds like you need to find someone to experience anal with first, even if they aren’t anal only. And then once you see what it’s all about and start gaining some experience with it, see about going anal only with someone.

Unless someone already knows what they’re doing and loves anal, it’s unlikely they’ll go anal only with someone who isn’t experienced with it right from the start, but if you can show that you can do anal in a way that’s enjoyable and pleasurable for her too, and demonstrate how much better it is for the both of you, you might get to where a girl would go anal only with you.

Message: Anal Only Because of You

Anonymous: I just wanted you to know that I’m anal only because of you and I thought you’d want to hear that. I’ve been reading your blogs for years before I had sex and I started to masturbate my ass based on your advice and learned to ignore my pussy, and it did feel really good, and the idea of going anal only and staying a virgin in my pussy started to really turn me on. So that’s pretty much exactly what I did and I’ve still never had vaginal sex and I think it’s really hot, and so does my boyfriend. We’ve decided we’re never going to use my pussy.

Thanks for sharing, I always love hearing from people who I’ve helped inspire to go anal only, and even better if you’ve decided to stay a vaginal virgin and live a life of pure anal. I wish you the best and hope that you’re always able to stay that way!

Forum: Update On My Anal Only Journey

Hi everyone. I’ve been having more and more anal with my partner lately and he agreed to do a week of AO. It has been awesome and I’m going to ask him if we can try doing all of March! The last 2 times I didn’t touch my clit at all (I’m also not allowed to touch my clit unless he says okay) and I experienced what I think was an anal orgasm both times. I felt intense pleasure all of a sudden and it didnt have the same sharp peak as a clit orgasm but I did feel this incredible relaxed amazing feeling through my whole body afterwards.
I have also given into a long term fantasy of mine and finally ordered a real chastity belt from Fancy Steel. I can’t wait.

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Why Vaginal Virginity Will Become the Norm

While currently, most people who practice the anal only lifestyle get into it after trying both anal and vaginal and deciding they want to settle on anal and move away from vaginal, it’s highly likely that in the future the majority of people will skip vaginal entirely and go straight to anal only, remaining vaginal virgins.

  • The old norm of getting married and having kids young and diving right into making a family is falling to the wayside as economic struggles are hitting younger generations hard and making it nearly impossible for many to support a family, as well as a shift to women wanting to live their own life rather than growing up only to be immediately responsible for someone else for the next 18 years. Anal is natural birth control, and far more enjoyable than vaginal when done right, so it makes sense to stay a vaginal virgin until ready to have kids.
  • Sexual awakening and openness is leading to a desire for mutual enjoyment rather than sex being focused more on male pleasure, and anal provides that more intense pleasure for women. Some women are deciding that it’s not even worth wasting any time at all on vaginal when they want to master anal pleasure instead, since it provides them with far more.
  • Most guys prefer anal, and are happy to go straight to anal, which in turn encourages women to do the same.

Whatever the reasons, it’s a trend we’re already starting to see begin, and it’s only going to continue to grow from here. If you’re an anal only vaginal virgin or considering going that route, please share your perspective with us!