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Message: Best Way to Play and Orgasm From Anal?

Ana: I need some advice about the best way to achieve an anal orgasm. I already deny my pussy and clit. But still get really wet. I have a bullet vibrator and a tail plug.

I use some numbing liquids to avoid all clit stimulation.

I want to know if i can get a routine for anal exercise each day of the week, like while i’m on the gym, cleaning my house or driving

If you haven’t already read it, our Guide to Anal Orgasms might contain some useful tips and steps for you to try. It sounds like you’re on the right track, and just need to stick with it, but there might be something useful for you there!

Getting into a daily routine is an excellent idea. I recommend plugging daily for some period of time, and gradually increasing that amount over time. I also recommend a daily routine of more active anal training as well, with a dildo. Passive training with a plug is great and important, but it’s good to not neglect more active training too, as each do different things.

Reddit: I’ve been doing anal only for 3 years today

Hi, everyone. My name is Daiane, I’m 25 years old and today marks my Anal Only Lifestyle third anniversary. On October 6th, 2016, I decided to tell my boyfriend at the time I was going to stop having vaginal altogether and switch exclusively to anal sex. Some of the reasons that led me to this decision:

I am one of the unlucky ones who are severely allergic to birth control pills. Doesn’t matter what brand I take or how many doctors I talk to, I will always get severe side effects from taking the pill. They are so bad they would pretty much make me prefer not to have sex.

Men simply do not like using condoms, period. Neither my tinder hookups, neither boyfriends liked the rubber. I would give them extra thin ones I bought myself and they would still not have a good time wearing them.

Before switching to anal sex, I had had two close pregnancy calls and I don’t ever want to go through that again. The first time me and my boyfriend were a bit drunk having sex and only 24 hours after we had sex I noticed the condom had ruptured. The second time I really was irresponsible and didn’t care, but I eventually had my period and everything worked out.

I actually like anal sex. I like the pain that comes with it, I like the taboo, I like the domination aspect of anal sex and I like that my boyfriend likes it.

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The Value of Pure Anal Orgasms

Regular readers of this blog know that I frequently encourage people to combine the anal only lifestyle—which eliminates vaginal sex—with the additional exclusion of clitoral stimulation for—despite sounding contradictory—increased pleasure and arousal.

It doesn’t always seem to be clear to everyone what the purpose of this is, however, and many simply interpret it as a kink focusing on the denial of pleasure. That may appeal to some people and may be a motivation for them, but it’s not at all the goal of this blog when encouraging clit denial.

Anal Orgasms and Pleasure are Better

When polling women who can orgasm anally, a vast majority of them agree that anal orgasms are more intensely pleasurable and full-body than clitoral orgasms. It’s a more raw, pure, primal pleasure, and very addictive—once you start to experience it regularly, it’s hard to want anything less.

Anal Orgasms Cause Less Arousal Loss

It’s no secret that clitoral orgasms often bring with them a crash in arousal post-orgasm, which can affect mood and happiness and even make people feel depressed after. This is one reason many women are interested in exploring orgasm denial, but with anal orgasms, no denial of orgasm or pleasure is needed—just a shift to anal pleasure and orgasms instead. Because unlike clit orgasms, for most women, anal orgasms feel great but don’t have nearly as strong a post-orgasm crash.

Pure Anal Pleasure Has Its Own Appeal

The idea of getting all one’s pleasure from anal sex without needing anything additional or external to be able to orgasm is a common fantasy and goal for many women who love anal or who are anal only. There’s something about the idea that is a major turn on to women and to their partners, and it’s one of the driving motivators for moving past clit stimulation to pure anal pleasure.

So, with that, why not try it for yourself? Let us know your progress!

Message: Want My Pussy Altered

Sara: Hi, i don’t think my pussy looks Nice and i would like to cut My clithood or clit lips first. Then maybe get further to cut My clit later. Never use before the glue, would like to know where i can find it to get it Nice covered for it. Also ideas to make it less sensitive. I Dream about been an only anal wife, love to find a blog about it.

While I think that it’s every person’s right to alter their body however they want to do so, I also encourage everyone interested in such things to seriously think about it for a while before, since it is a permanent change.

If you’re interested in making your clit less sensitive or moving away from using it to orgasm, look into numbing creams that temporarily remove or reduce sensation. You can also get piercings that let you place a clit shield over it to remove physical access to it without permanently removing it. But if after an extended period of time you know that you truly don’t want clit stimulation anymore and just want anal only, clit removal can be a legitimate option, though finding a surgeon willing to do it is difficult.

Just for aesthetic alterations, many plastic surgeons will do that.

For glue, you can use superglue or eyelash glue, but you need to leave a gap if you close your labia with it so that you can still urinate.

And finally, if you want to be anal only, you don’t need to do any of the above, you just need to move away from vaginal penetration and towards anal penetration only. From there you can also work to stop masturbating clitorally as well if that’s a goal. That’s not to say that you can’t do more if that’s what you want, but don’t think that it’s a requirement to consider yourself anal only. And you can go anal only now without a partner, even—just start masturbating anally and stop masturbating vaginally.

Message: No Pussy November Anal Anniversary!

Jasper: First off thanks for setting up this community. It’s been fun reading about others who have found anal only to improve their sex lives!

I’ve been anal only with my girlfriend for almost a year and it’s honestly been life changing. I was lucky enough that she initiated the transition (I posted the story to the Reddit group) and it’s made me realise how superior anal sex is over the alternative. I always enjoyed sex but it feels like going anal only has unlocked another level of true pleasure.

Our anal only “anniversary” is in November and it will be no problem for us to complete the challenge, but after reading your recent post about other ideas for couples who are already anal only I mentioned the idea of trying to go “no clit” for a month to my gf. Although I rarely touch her clit she does quite often finish herself by masturbating her clit or using a dildo while we have anal sex. I told her I don’t like her doing that because it makes me feel like what I’m doing for her isn’t enough and to my amazement she’s agreed to try excluding all clit and pussy for November!

I’m super excited for November now because for me the idea of adding clit and pussy denial to our AO life has become more and more of a turn on the longer we’ve been anal only.

If it works out and we end up excluding clit and pussy 100% full time, I’ll be sure to thank you for the suggestion!

Down with vaginal! Down with clit!

Congratulations on your upcoming anal only anniversary and on what sounds like an excellent plan for No Pussy November! Thanks for sharing, and good luck. We’ll look forward to hearing from you as the two of you progress through clit denial over the next month!

No Pussy November 2019 is a Few Weeks Away!

Whether you’re new to the idea of anal only, returning to it after doing it in the past, or already committed to the idea for a while now, No Pussy November is an annual event that you can participate in and enjoy!

If you’re new to anal only, the main activity is to spend the entire month of November completely replacing vaginal sex with anal sex. If you want to take it even further, you can also completely exclude clitoral stimulation and only orgasm anally.

If you’ve been anal only in the past, this is your opportunity to get back into it and rekindle your commitment to the anal only lifestyle.

And if you’re already anal only, use the month to celebrate how much better life is when anal only and how glad you to have given up vaginal sex in favor of pure anal. Try a new activity as an additional challenge for the month—start doing ass to mouth, avoid using your clit to orgasm for the month if you haven’t already, start wearing a butt plug regularly, have anal sex daily, train for double anal—the possibilities are endless!

For our previous anal only challenge month, Anal Only April, several women pledged to only do double anal for the entire month, and one decided to stay double anal only after the month was over, and others are making similar pledges for No Pussy November. So if you’re already experienced with double anal, that can be an option!

If you plan to participate, take the time now to make your plans and arrangements with partners, or get any necessary toys. Whatever you decide to do and whatever your experience level currently is, be sure to let us know what your goals are and keep us updated!

No, Anal Isn’t Just Something Enjoyed in Porn

An unfortunately still rather common trope among those inexperienced with anal pleasures is that while it can look sexy and be fun to watch in porn, it isn’t something that women really enjoy and that those who do it in porn are just active and pretending because it’s what guys want to see, and in turn, women mimic that to please guys but don’t really enjoy it for themselves.

This is simply untrue. Sure, there may be some who do this, but the reality is that many women, both in real life and in porn, love anal and can’t get enough of it. Even among those who aren’t anal only, enjoyment of frequent anal is very common and growing.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a self-perpetuating issue, because people insist loudly that it’s all an act for porn, resulting in those who do enjoy it for themselves often feeling marginalized and ashamed or afraid to speak up for their own enjoyment, and then as a result, they never correct the myth and it spreads further to other people.

How can we prevent this falsehood from spreading even further? Counter such claims with your own experiences and perspectives! Don’t be afraid to open up and tell people how much you enjoy or even prefer anal, and why. Some people may be dismissive or disbelieving, but most will recognize that you have a valid counter opinion or perspective, and some will be interested in learning more and may even reveal their own curiosity about anal and want tips from you on how to better enjoy it. People, especially women, who open up to their friends, have found a great deal of positive results as their friends end up wanting to try anal for themselves too, and if those friends already enjoy anal, they often end up trying to go anal only on their own as well if the idea is shared with them in a positive manner.

Message: How to Teach Anal Only?

Anonymous: We are an anal only couple and we would like to introduce our children to the anal only lifestyle as well but we don’t know how we should do it. Do you think this is appropriate, and how much should we talk about? We don’t want to force them in any direction, we just want to be open about the lifestyle and why it’s been a good choice for us and that we think it’s good for others too.

Of course. Sex education is a healthy, positive and very beneficial thing for parents to provide to their children, and when something like the anal only lifestyle has been such a positive thing in one’s life, it’s only natural to want to pass on education about it to their children as well. It’s completely reasonable to encourage its practice and mention its benefits, or even to say that you yourself practice it as well. Ultimately, of course, it’s each person’s choice, but there’s nothing wrong with encouraging something that you think is in their best interest.

Reddit: Am I Fetishizing My Girlfriend?

A member of the r/analonlylifestyle subreddit shares his story:

So I got back with my ex. We’ve been apart for almost three months but we missed each other very much so we’ve started dating again. The thing is: I don’t know if I’m back with her because she’s anal only.

In these three months I went back to meeting people after a relationship of 1.5 years, and it felt very awkward. I thought I needed to see other people but I found out that all this flirting thing bores me terribly. I tried to hook up with a few girls, but I think my ex spoiled me and that only anal sex can turn me on now.

I met another girl and she was funny and interesting, but she didn’t like anal very much. She liked to be rimmed, but I suspect we only did it because she knew I liked it. I would eat her ass and get super hard, but when she wanted me to fuck her (in the vagina), I couldn’t help getting soft. It was very frustrating and it happened many times with other girls. It came to a point that I could only get horny from anal porn. And the worse part, watching anal reminded me of my ex.

So I texted her, we met, we talked and we end up fucking super crazy like we used to do. It was amazing. And now we’re talking about getting back and how are we going to manage it, and I have lots of doubts.

Objectively she’s a keeper. She’s very kind and caring, we like the same things and have the same goals in life. I feel like there’s nothing I can’t tell her. And I know I’m not getting back with her because I feel lonely (in fact, one of the things that led us to breaking up was the fact that I value my time alone very much and I wanted my space).

I tell myself I’m back with her because I want to share my life and my things with her and team up to face adversity, but I can’t keep thinking that the truth is that sex is fucking amazing with her. I love grabbing her legs, spreading them apart and eating her asshole right away. I love how she moans, it drives me crazy. When we fuck she’s always clean and we don’t even need lube. She rides me and she cums in two minutes without touching her clit or her vagina. It’s so easy and so rewarding that I can’t believe it, and she loves it too. It blows my mind.

So my question is, am I fetishizing her? Have any of you been in a similar situation? Do you have any advice?

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Anal Only Isn’t a Limitation

An argument that often comes up when introducing the idea of the anal only lifestyle to someone who has not yet experienced it for themselves is that by excluding vaginal sex, you are in some way limiting yourself sexually and that it’s more open-minded to still include vaginal sex in one’s sexual routine rather than to focus purely on anal and oral.

While on the surface, this may appear to make sense to those who have not yet tried anal only, the reality is quite different. In practice, eliminating vaginal sex in favor of anal only is more of an enhancement to one’s sex life than a restriction, the result of focusing on that which gives the most pleasure, intimacy and excitement and mastering the best acts rather than feeling obligated to do everything.

There’s something magical that happens when going anal only for the long term, which is hard to comprehend until you’ve tried it and experienced it for itself, but which is different than simply having a lot of anal sex. The total exclusion of vaginal sex and the state of mind involved with the conscious decision to fully replace vaginal with anal ends up making sex and pleasure so much more intense and arousing.

Additionally, unlike vaginal sex, anal doesn’t generally get boring or tedious in the same way. Couples who got tired of vaginal quickly found that even a decade into being anal only, they still find it exciting and thrilling. There is so much fun and variety you can do with anal alone and vaginal doesn’t have much special to offer that anal can’t do better.

So if the idea of going anal only interests you but you’re worried it will end up limiting your options, don’t worry. Give it a try for yourself—No Pussy November is coming up and is a great time to experiment with the anal only lifestyle—and you’ll soon see the benefits!