A Moral Argument Against Vaginal Sex

The existential threat posed by climate change has prompted global reassessment of various facets of our lifestyles, with sexual behavior being no exception. Our sexual choices might not seem like they could have a substantial impact on the environment, but upon closer examination, a moral argument can be made for reducing vaginal sex in favor of other practices, such as anal sex.

First, let’s consider the question of population control. Earth’s population stands at nearly 8 billion people, with projections suggesting it could reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. This population growth intensifies the strain on our planet’s finite resources, leading to issues like deforestation, habitat loss, and increased carbon emissions. Reducing population growth is one of the most effective ways to mitigate these environmental impacts.

By relegating the vagina to purely reproductive purposes and using the anus for recreational sexual activities, society can directly address this population challenge. This shift would help to better separate reproduction from pleasure, thereby reducing accidental pregnancies and leading to a more controlled and sustainable population growth.

This shift would also have the effect of democratizing sexual pleasure. Unlike vaginal sex, which is often linked with reproduction and therefore comes with the attached emotional and physical burdens, anal sex is non-reproductive by nature. This makes it a more accessible form of pleasure that isn’t burdened by the anxieties of potential unwanted pregnancies.

Moreover, promoting the anal only lifestyle would lead to a more mindful approach to sexuality overall. The careful preparation required for comfortable and enjoyable anal sex encourages individuals to invest more time and thought into their sexual experiences. This greater degree of mindfulness can enhance the quality of sexual interactions, fostering deeper connections between partners.

But shifting societal sexual norms on a broad scale is no small task. It requires a multi-faceted approach, incorporating open dialogue, comprehensive sexual education, and cultural change. It would necessitate a dismantling of long-held biases towards vaginal sex, and the championing of alternative sexual practices. However, the potential benefits—ranging from a more mindful approach to sexuality to a more controlled population growth—make this a worthy endeavor.

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One response to “A Moral Argument Against Vaginal Sex”

  1. Chris says:

    The worldwide economic and emotional costs of vaginal sex are staggering. It makes no sense when anal sex makes people happier without any of the downsides. On an individual level, it’s not fair to expect a man to risk becoming a parent. He’s not in charge of her reproductive biology yet can end up with a lifelong responsibility. There’s no moral or logical reason to not go with the safer option, more so when anal is going to be more enjoyable for both anyway.

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