Challenge Month: Jumpstart July

While we have long-celebrated Anal Only April and No Pussy November, we are now going to be supplementing those with monthly challenges designed to attract more engagement with the anal only lifestyle and push those already practicing anal only to go further in their own lifestyle.

It’s time to launch into Jumpstart July! This month, we’re challenging you to step up your anal game and reach new heights of pleasure. This challenge is designed to give your anal only journey a powerful boost, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran.

If you’re new to the anal only lifestyle, now’s the time to dive in! Begin by discussing the plan with your partner, or if you’re riding solo, get your toys ready and set your intention for a month of anal exploration. It can start with simple anal play and gradually increase to more intense experiences, such as using larger toys, trying anal sex for the first time, or committing to a month of anal only.

For those already in the anal only lifestyle, Jumpstart July offers a perfect opportunity to level up your anal activities!

Consider stepping up your butt plug routine. If you’re not yet wearing a butt plug daily, this is the month to commit. Try wearing your plug for longer durations or even aim to stay plugged the entire day! If you’re comfortable with your current plug, why not explore larger sizes or different shapes for new sensations?

Feel like pushing boundaries further? Double anal could be your next venture. Experiment with your partner and a toy, two partners, or even two toys. The double sensation could be the jumpstart your anal play routine needs!

This July, we’re also introducing the advanced challenge of “Fathom the Depths.” This is for those who are ready to explore deep anal play. With the right tools and caution, deep anal can bring about extraordinary pleasure.

Remember, everyone’s journey is different, and the goal is to explore, experiment and enjoy. Keep things safe, consensual, and pleasure-focused. Share your experiences with the community, ask your questions, offer advice and let’s keep the discussion going!

Are you ready for Jumpstart July? Let us know your plans!

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