Message: Anal Only Since Pregnancy, Frustrated But Loving It, Part 3

Hi, it’s again the housewife whose husband went anal only. My husband and I never talked about masturbation, it’s just something that I instinctively avoided before. During sex, I never rubbed my clitoris for example because I felt it would be rude to masturbate when you make love – I’d rather have my partner do it or not have it at all. And masturbating alone was weird to me for a married woman. That attitude probably helped me when my husband started to ignore my clitoris and orgasm needs.

Anyway, I did what I said in my previous message, I started masturbating my ass just before the time I knew my husband would come home from work so he “surprises” me. It was amazing. He just smiled at me and sat on a chair, looking awesome in his work suit, and told me to keep going. After a while, he took his cock out of his suit and started to jack off slowly, it was so hot. Then he joined me, removed the dildo from my ass, put it in my mouth, and fucked me like that, all dressed up.

We’ve never done anything so hot, me naked and him still in his suit, one hand gripping my hips while he fucked my ass and his other hand pushing and pulling the dildo out of my mouth. We did talk a lot after that, like I hoped. He told me that, as you predicted, he always preferred anal sex, to the point he was looking forward to my periods to have an excuse to fuck my ass rather than my pussy.

Then he said after I gave birth to our son, my “cunt got way too loose” (when he said that I felt humiliated and turned on at the same time, I blushed and felt a tingle in my ass, it was weird), and he realized he couldn’t stand vaginal sex any longer and wanted sex to be more about him and his own pleasure – so, he switched our sex little by little to check if I was OK with it, but he said he never thought I’d enjoy it to the point of masturbating anally when he wasn’t around.

He said he’ll buy a butt plug for me to wear so I’m not as frustrated when he can’t fuck me, and he’ll make sure to fuck my ass more frequently and harder. I then said everything you told me to say, that I love that we’ve only been having anal sex and that I want to stay that way, that it confused me at first and I felt some frustration, but the frustration turned into arousal, and I enjoyed our new sex and the denial of things he didn’t care about, and I added I would do anything for him.

After that, we made love again, then he asked if I’d be OK with more new stuff, like tying me up (“of course dear”). It’s funny how when I wrote to you, I wondered how to tell him I still wanted vaginal and clitoral stimulation and orgasms, and the end result is I’ve accepted those are gone for good and I’ll get much more anal. But I feel really great about it, relaxed.

I do have an advice for girls who can’t get into anal, though: try having enemas, it’s really what triggered it for me. I had problems opening up before and feeling free to push my ass muscles because I feared I may not be clean, but using a small anal douche really helped me feel more comfortable, and allowed me to both open wide and contract around my husband’s cock to bring him more pleasure.

Anyway, thanks a LOT for your feedback. I felt completely lost and “abnormal”, and now I feel great, like both me and my husband found our right place! Funny how my son’s birth reignited our sexuality! Kisses!

It sounds like communicating was a positive experience with a positive outcome for you both, and you’re both happier and know where each other stand as a result. Congratulations to the both of you, I’m sure you’ll both have a wonderful time exploring your new anal only life together.

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