Practice makes perfect

One reason that many couples don’t opt for anal only is that, although the act is enjoyable, there can still be unfamiliar sensations for the women which take time to become accustomed to. The remedy is actually more frequent anal sex.

Take this woman:

I am the first woman to have anal sex with my husband, he loved it. Although it felt good while I was coming, the rest of the time I felt awkward, like I needed to poop. Will this feeling always be there during anal? I’d hate to never do it for him again.

She knows how much it means to her husband, enjoys it, but is naturally a little hesitant to continue.

Any fears she may have are negated, as she is fortunate to receive several knowledgeable and well informed responses, such as this one:

A normal feeling which will disappear as you become more and more accustomed to it and the the nerve endings in your anal cavity develop so you feel more pleasure. But if you can orgasm from anal already believe me honey you are way ahead of the game!

The lesson here is this: don’t give up easily, give it time and the pleasure will grow for both of you.

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