Message: Husband Doesn’t Like Anal, But I Now Prefer It

Anonymous: I live in an open relationship with my husband but I only have anal sex with my lovers which I meet about once a week. I started doing it like that because I felt bad for my husband when they made me cum (I don’t believe in rubbing my pussy during sex). My husband doesn’t like anal. But since I have more often sex with my lovers than my husband I’ve grown to almost prefer anal sex. What should I do?

Ask your husband for anal at least some of the time? Or does he flat out refuse ever doing it? Incorporate anal toys like butt plugs or anal beads into your sex life with your husband so that you still receive anal stimulation? Or you could just be honest and admit that you prefer anal sex and need it to be sexually satisfied—but you’ll of course have to deal with the repercussions of that.

It’s a common result of having anal sex more often that you come to not only enjoy it, but to greatly prefer it to vaginal sex. Especially since you don’t rub your pussy, anal can give far more pleasure on its own than your vagina can, since vaginal sex requires clitoral stimulation for most women to enjoy it.

I would suggest the honesty route and ask him to try doing anal with you more often and show him just how amazing it really is to fuck your ass, and over time shift towards more and more anal until you don’t use your pussy at all anymore and are anal only with everyone.

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