Message: Butt Plug as a Pacifier

I’ve been AO at my boy’s request as a try out – and well, it’s been 6 months now 🙂 I don’t see any reason to stop.

In fact, we’ve been playing around with me plugging myself a bit before we’re gonna be together – usually at work (heehee) – it seems to help me be ready – almost to the point of no foreplay (or extra lube, just what was left from the plugging – he slips it out and before I can close up again, he slides in slowly all the way).

I’ve been noticing, however, that I get really excited thinking about seeing him after work or whatever, but the stress of work mixed together with that energy can really make me get a little frantic and crazy. Only until I put my plug in do I seem to be able to calm down and direct my energy.. I don’t know why! Any ideas?

First, congratulations on the 6 months of anal only and the realization that there’s no reason to stop and you want to stick with it, that’s wonderful.

Frequent plugging definitely has the advantage of making frequent sex very easy and is an excellent habit for anal only women to develop, because it will make it much more rewarding and reduce common issues that get in the way of long term anal only.

If I had to guess, I would say that you’re calming down and centering yourself when you put your plug in for a few reasons—one being that it just feels good, and is sexual, so it shifts your thoughts and focus into arousal mode. Beyond that, though, it pulls your focus where it belongs—your asshole. Things are simpler when that’s all you’re paying attention to.

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