Message: New Goal for an Anal Only Marriage

Anonymous: My girlfriend and I got together 6 years ago. She didn’t have much sexual experience when we met, but during those years, little by little, I got her into anal, then anal only, then strict clitoral denial, then casual ass to mouth, then finally orgasm denial (she still has anal orgasms occasionally, but they happen when they happen, I never get out of my way to cause them, and I don’t behave differently when they do).

To me, she’s now the perfect girlfriend, and I actually proposed her! We’re getting married in about three months.

So far, we always had goals in our relationship, and for our marriage, we’d like to try new goals… but I’m perfectly happy, so I’m not sure what I could add, haha! We both love all your blogs, and we wondered if you could suggest something, a new goal to start our marriage. That’d please us very much.

We’re monogamous, not into dirty play or water sports. You probably guessed that my girlfriend is submissive – she wasn’t at first, but she got more and more submissive (both in and out of bed) and slutty as soon as we started clitoral denial. It boomed even more after orgasm denial.

What would you suggest? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship and a wonderful fiancée, thank you for sharing your experiences and your progress together.

Committing to an anal only marriage and a life of pure anal together seems a pretty great goal in and of itself, and having a ceremony of your own after the main wedding where you pledge anal only to each other is something that some anal only couples like to do.

Beyond that, it sounds like you’re at a pretty great place already and should enjoy your ideal relationship and sex life. If there isn’t anything that stands out as something that you’d really like to do, there’s nothing wrong with just enjoying what you have together.

If you wanted to push her anal limits, you could explore larger toys or double anal with you and a toy. If she doesn’t wear a plug regularly, you could introduce long term plug wear into your routine. You could talk with friends and couples you know about the anal only lifestyle and work together to try and encourage other people to experiment with it and discover its benefits as well. You could symbolize your commitment to the anal only lifestyle with a set of chastity piercings.

If you do settle on something, or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to share or ask.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer!
    Yeah, I’m very proud of my fiancée and the work accomplished. She wasn’t into any of that at all when I met her, and it makes me really hot to see how perfect she’s become. Our way of life seems completely normal and natural to her now. I love her so much.
    I sincerely think all couples should work like this, with anal only and clitoral and orgasm denial. It’s really the perfect way to balance a long-lasting relationship IMO. She’s so available and needy…
    For your suggestions… I did think of playing with plug wear when we started anal, but she wasn’t experienced enough back then, and she had a job where she had to stand and walk a lot, so I stopped it and didn’t think of trying it again. Now, her asshole is used everyday on average without any issue, and after she agreed to marry me, she resigned from her job to stay more at home (I’m planning to have kids), she now has a new job that is part-time and less taxing. So, long term plug wear would definitely be a good thing for her, I’d love her to wear a princess plug at all times! I could personalize one, something classy, that she’d first wear for the wedding.
    I also didn’t think of body modification, that’s a great idea! I’m not much into chastity piercings because they make the pussy too visible and too important IMO, I like it to be bare and just there (I’m not excluding it, though), but you made me think about tattoos! I’d love her to get an explicit anal only tattoo, like a tramp stamp or something, that’d sort of “label” her with my name and her anal only nature. I’ll think about it, but it’d be perfect.
    Also, I didn’t think about an “anal only ceremony”. I’m sort of vocal about my anal only preferences, all my close friends know about it (and I convinced two of them!) so I could get those friends for anal only vows after the wedding, that could be fun! I love making anal jokes when I hang out with my fiancée and some close friends, she’s so cute when she blushes!
    Thanks a lot for your answer, you’re amazing, keep up the good work!

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