Don’t Force Her to Do Anal Only, Help Her Love It Instead

mysubmissionjournal: Recently, as I’ve been scrolling through tumblr and reading various blogs, a popular topic I’ve been coming across is “Anal Only” training in conjunction with Orgasm Denial. More often than not, I’m not a particular fan of the tone and perspective of the posts and blogs, but I do find myself intrigued by it a lot. It wasn’t something my Dom and I ever stated clearly, that I was going to be “Anal Only” but we’ve also gotten to that point in our own organic way. So as much as I disagree with some of the phrasing I’ve read, I’m finding it very inspiring and exciting that other couples have found there way to this point too.

I guess I really don’t like how it’s presented that the submissive female needs to be brow beaten and forced into the role. I mean, I get it, my Dom has definitely been assertive at times when trying to establish aspects of our relationship and training but I think a lot of the Dom’s that I’ve read lose sight of how hot and exhilarating it is because we, the submissive females, end up wanting it. Also, once you’ve gotten to that point, you can be more forceful about getting whatever it is you want since you’ll know it’s a place we like to go. I know for my Dom that’s one of his favorite and most rewarding parts of our D/s relationship, the constant relationship building, evolution, and insatiable desire to go a little further we both feel.

The thing is, I agree with a lot of what they’re saying. I don’t necessarily want to, but looking at my own life and relationship with my Dom, it’s pretty much impossible to deny it. There’s just something about anal sex and getting fucked in the ass that’s inherently wrong and demoralizing, but in a good way. It’s such a release allowing yourself to go there, be used like that, and allow it to happen. I can’t explain it completely, but I love it. Living this double life, having virtually everyone in my life so completely unaware of the things I do and enjoy. I love orgasming and that release, but I love the torment and teasing even more. I just do. I love our little (big) secret and I love the trust and bond we have. As I am his submissive, I feel freer than I ever have before.

So, to bring it all back around to my point, I understand everyone comes on here for their own reasons. Obviously there are thousands if not millions of different kinks on here, but I guess I’m just hoping people keep it constructive. Some people’s fantasies of domination may very well include the women having no choice, but just think about how hot it is when you bring her to the point of wanting it! I guess this turned into a rant of sorts but I wanted to get it off my chest and post about it so here it is! Enjoy!

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