Why You Should Do Ass to Mouth

Even within the anal only lifestyle, ass to mouth can be an act of some contention. While increasingly popular, there are still those who fear that it will taste bad or see it as something dirty or degrading. And though it can be incorporated into play in that manner if so desired, it’s anything but when done right.

Ass to Mouth is Intimate & Loving

In much the same way as with shifting to primarily or exclusively having anal sex, couples who have incorporated ass to mouth as a regular part of their sexual routine frequently talk about the increase in intimacy that results from it. Because it requires mutual trust between partners, just as anal sex does, and because it shows an openness with one’s body both with oneself and sharing with a partner, it can be a powerful act that brings people closer together.

Ass to Mouth is Sexy

That same openness that leads to an increase in intimacy is sexy and attractive. Both partners can find ass to mouth to be a very sexy act—it’s a delight to switch from anal sex to oral sex without getting out of the moment by “cleaning” first, and just going for it. As before, it’s an acceptance of sex and each other’s bodies and that makes everything sexier and better for everyone. The fact that it’s still somewhat of a taboo can also be exciting for some, and some women find they get off on the idea itself, with a few even orgasming from going ass to mouth.

Ass to Mouth Tastes Good

Despite the misconception that anal sex and ass to mouth always smells or tastes bad, the reality is that a clean anus and rectum will actually taste incredible, if it tastes like anything at all. With proper hygiene, bad tastes or smells just aren’t going to be a factor, with a sort of earthy flavor that’s quite pleasant—and many people find that it can actually be subtly sweet as well. Developing cravings for the taste and wanting it frequently is not at all uncommon. So if you’re wondering what ass to mouth tastes like, stop wondering and give it a try. Chances are you’ll really like it.

Ass to Mouth is Addictive

The more you do it, the more you want it, both for the act and the taste, and women who do it often report developing a compulsion and craving for it, which in turn boosts their arousal and cravings for anal sex as well, leading to good times all around for everyone.

So, start doing ass to mouth if you aren’t already. You won’t know what you’re missing until you try it. And while you’re there, if you haven’t yet done so, try going anal only too!

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4 responses to “Why You Should Do Ass to Mouth”

  1. Great post. Our ass to mouth story can be found in the forums here:


    My wife and I are in total agreement. We both find it intensely intimate and an immense turn-on for both of us. It’s rare session when she doesn’t perform ATM at least once. Sometimes, after we finish, she gently cleans my cock with her mouth. It’s times like that I realize just what an incredible wife I have.

  2. By the way, this should definitely be added to the anal sex guide.

  3. John S. says:

    My wife and I loves ass to mouth. She watches porn with me and was fascinated with ATM in most of the sex movies. . We decided to try it out and she is so turned on it makes the sex so much more intense and fun. The pleasure I get mentally and on my penis is absolutely amazing. Yes, the article is right we are much closer after ATM.

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