How to Practice Ass to Mouth

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Understanding Ass to Mouth

Before we dive into the how-to, it’s crucial to know exactly what ass to mouth involves. In its simplest form, ass to mouth is the practice of transitioning directly from anal sex or anal toy play to oral sex, without cleaning in between. While some find this act controversial, for others, it’s a highly erotic element of their sexual journey that adds an extra layer of intimacy and connection.

Health Concerns

One of the most common reservations people have about ass to mouth is the potential for health risks. However, when done in a stable, monogamous relationship with a clean partner, these risks are often overstated. If you’re in good health, and have a good hygiene regimen, ass to mouth can be enjoyed without undue concern.


While the essence of ass to mouth is spontaneity and an element of the forbidden, it’s recommended that the receptive partner maintains regular hygiene practices. This includes a balanced diet, regular bowel movements, and cleanliness. While this preparation is not a prerequisite for ass to mouth, it can contribute to comfort and confidence during the act.

The Act Itself

Once you and your partner are comfortable and prepared, the practice itself is straightforward. Whether using a penis or a sex toy, it simply transitions directly from the anus to the mouth. As you experiment with this, move at a pace comfortable for both partners and prioritize communication and consent.

Emotional Benefits and Advantages

Beyond the physical, ass to mouth carries a potent psychological component. It can symbolize an act of surrender, an intimate bond of trust, or pushing personal boundaries, as well as comfort with your own body. These elements can significantly enhance the sexual experience and deepen the emotional connection between partners. Furthermore, ass to mouth can bring a sense of adventurous novelty to your sex life, adding to its appeal.

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