Message: Boyfriend Wants Me To Rim Him

Anonymous: hi! my bf has asked me to eat him out, and i’m interested in it, but scared of what it may smell and taste like :”) any tips? how should i go about this?

That’s great that he wants you to try this and that you’re willing to do it!

Take a shower together first and wash each other with soap so you know he’s clean there. Then, just go for it. Licking a clean ass just tastes like skin, pretty much, with a bit of a musky, salty, slightly bitter smell/taste at times. It can be very nice. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy it a lot, especially once you see how much pleasure it can give him.

If you wanted to, you could try it on yourself first to know what to expect—after a shower of your own, rub your asshole with your fingers for a bit and then suck on them. You might even discover in the process that ass to mouth with his cock from your ass is something you’d like to start doing regularly!

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