Ass to Mouth is Normal

Once thought of as a kinky, taboo act, ass to mouth has become fairly mainstream among practitioners of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle. It’s still seen as something sexy and fun to do regularly, but it’s not a rare act—rather, it tends to happen throughout sex every time and a session can often be seen as lacking something if ass to mouth doesn’t occur!

While men commonly love and are turned on by this, it’s actually the women who prefer doing it and who often choose to make it a normal part of their routine. Performing oral sex immediately following anal sex builds intimacy and connection, boosts arousal and desire, keeps one in the mindset of anal sex and anal only, provides a natural source of lube, and it also just tastes really good. Contrary to popular belief, a clean asshole is very delicious and can taste sweet with a little spice.

So, if you haven’t tried ass to mouth yet, or if it’s not part of your daily routine yet, don’t you think it’s time you started?

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2 responses to “Ass to Mouth is Normal”

  1. Ryan says:

    I agree with everything you wrote. I practice receiving atm with all my hookups. This is because although I enjoy cumming inside a nice tight ass, cumming inside a mouth/throat is my favorite by far. The ones that will do it I keep on the regular. Once we start anal, ass to mouth is expected. It feels amazing to feel a warm wet mouth and tongue after pounding her asshole. Sex doesn’t feel the same if I can’t have her suck me when I want. With some girls I like to vocalize what they are doing and some it just happens without saying anything. I can tell when some women love it because she will a.) not hesitate to suck within seconds of pulling out of her ass b.) use her tongue and really taste the mixture of juices off my cock.

    Here’s how I’ve gotten some girls genuinely enjoying it. I start out by telling to them to suck my balls after anal which isn’t a big deal. Then I get the girls comfortable with ass to mouth by lightly rubbing my cockhead over their lips. Over time some are curious and they will naturally want to try it. Many girls can be grossed out but if their ass is clean it’s something I guarantee them they will like. “Just suck it.” During sex I’ll call her names like a “damn good dirty slut” or “best anal whore” so that it’s a motivating and encouraging environment. That’s the key.

    It feels natural to me since I don’t worry about lube for anal. I’ll use some of my spit to get her asshole initially wet and when she feels the lube drying out in her ass, she’ll pull off and suck real sloppy. It’s far from being a rare act. Usually it’s 10+ atm per session. Best is when she sucks me clean after I cum and we go for another round.

  2. Chris says:

    I didn’t know that more women initiated ass-to-mouth. I suppose it makes sense after going anal only that they start to think about it differently.

    It gives me hope with my girlfriend that after we’ve made anal normal for us we can do the same with ass-to-mouth. I often dream of her cleaning me with her mouth after sex and I think she would enjoy it too.

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