A Word About Clitoral Stimulation/Denial

In recent times, I have on these blogs, and other people on other blogs have as well, been making more of a focus on clitoral denial in conjunction with anal only and the advantages and increased pleasure that can stem from it. While I stand by that, and encourage people to explore it alongside anal only, if it doesn’t interest you or you need or simply like clitoral stimulation along with your anal sex—that doesn’t make you any less anal only, and I certainly don’t want to make anyone feel like they aren’t “truly” anal only unless they give up their clit.

I’m going to keep sharing what I like and what I think works well, including the things I prefer and fantasize about—especially in porn captions—and not everything will necessarily always appeal or apply to every follower, but that doesn’t mean that my way is the only way. I may not always effectively differentiate between my fantasy voice and my real, sincere voice, but do know that wherever my fantasy voice my head down different and sometimes somewhat extreme paths, my real position is always this:

Do what you want and what works for you. Do it because you love it and because it’s thrilling and fun. Try new things with it, but don’t feel like there’s only one way to be anal only just because other people may be doing things differently. Experiment with new things, but if they aren’t working for you or aren’t fun in some way, don’t feel obligated to continue them. And don’t feel obligated to be anal only if you aren’t enjoying it anymore, either. Sex is supposed to be consensual and fun, and anal only should be no different.

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