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Anonymous: Hi, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for AO blogs that aren’t D/s oriented? While I totally respect everyone’s right to do whatever they want in their relationships as long as everyone’s consenting, all that stuff is a big turn off for me. Like what you said in a recent post, AO doesn’t HAVE to be about submission and women being called sluts and degraded, but I have such a hard time finding blogs that don’t include that aspect. Any recommendations?

I myself try to have a balanced mix of content, some of which is a bit more D/s oriented, and some not. Other blogs often do lean a bit more in that direction, partly just because while there’s absolutely no inherent need for the anal only lifestyle to be tied to dominance or submission, it does pair well and appeals to a lot of people who already have that interest.

It’s something that would be nice to see more of, blogs that are still strictly anal only but with captions focused on people who have gone anal only strictly out of preference and pleasure. I’d suggest starting one yourself if you can’t find more that already exist.

You can also check out our forum, which, like this blog is more oriented around real people following the lifestyle and their real experiences rather than fantasy.

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