Message: I Assumed You Were Pushing Anal Only To Please Men

spoiledlittleslut: When I first started following you I didn’t pay much attention to your captions because I incorrectly assumed that you would be pushing anal only as a way to better please men. I’m so happy that I was wrong! You’ve quickly become one of the blogs I go to to find relief from misogynistic posts ?

analsexonly: Thanks so much for the lovely message. I’ve been a fan of your blogs for some time as well.

I’m very much an advocate of equal opportunity anal, and recognizing the fact that there are many women who greatly enjoy anal as well, while trying to dispel the myth that women only do it to please men. There are certainly some who do, or who like that idea, including some who do anal only because they’re turned on and satisfied more by pleasing their partner than by their own physical pleasure, and I certainly don’t mean to suggest that those people are incorrect either or that there’s anything wrong with such enjoyment of service if that is what they want, enjoy and consent to. But it isn’t the primary focus of my blog—I do try to always try to portray a variety of approaches and appeals about anal and anal only, both for men and women—but around a central theme of mutual enjoyment of anal, especially female enjoyment, which some people still struggle to understand, it seems.

Because there are a lot of women who do enjoy anal. And a lot of others who don’t, which is perfectly fine too. Anal only isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! But I want to give a positive impression of anal, an encouragement for those who are interested in the idea of anal only to try it on their own terms—because they’re curious about it and want to try it, not because they’re being pressured into it by anybody—and advice to help ensure that people curious about it actually enjoy it and discover something new and fun they can do, even if they don’t want to do anal only. I think it’s really unfortunate that so many people have bad first experiences with anal because of partners pressuring them into trying it, not knowing how to do it properly or how to ensure everyone enjoys it, and swearing off trying it again when they might actually really like it if it was done right. For that reason, I personally have a problem with the blogs who push the idea that women aren’t supposed to enjoy anal or that it’s supposed to hurt and that’s the whole point of anal. I hate that idea, and maybe some people get off on it as a fantasy and I’m not going to be critical of that, but I do think that pushing that message continues to do harm to the goal of more people trying it and enjoying it. Perhaps I’m overreacting there, though.

I personally am anal only because I prefer anal and always have, and I love women who also love anal on their own terms, not just doing it to please a partner. That’s very appealing to me. When I started this blog, I did it just because I really liked the idea of anal only, but then more and more people—men and women both—who also liked the idea started showing up and it kept getting more popular, and it was awesome to sort of be a voice for all these people who shared a similar desire or were actively living an anal only life, and a whole community has grown out of it—a generally very mature and respectful community, at that!—and I think that’s just really cool to see.

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