A point well made

Some people claim not to like anal sex; that’s their choice, and they shouldn’t have to have anal if they don’t want to.

What they shouldn’t be doing is telling other people that they are wrong for liking or wanting to try anal sex.

A woman starts by explaining her situation:

My boyfriend has expressed how much he likes anal sex and how it has been an important part of his sex life.  The problem is, I have never liked it.  It is uncomfortable for me and I don’t feel it is necessary.  When I tell him that I don’t want to do it, he tells me that he would be gentle and do it properly where it wont be painful.  He thinks that if I just gave it a try that I would really like it.  He’s getting this idea because other women he has dated would do anal intercourse with him and liked it.

What begins is a frenzy of hatred directed at the boyfriend rather than a sensible discussion of how to help the couple or understand the boyfriend.

As a voice of sanity, this man makes a valid point:

I might sound selfish because I’m a man, and i too would like to try anal sex with my wife, and of course I’m being refused each time. The problem is that i feel this is not a choice she made on her own. The choice was already made for her and got well nutched in her brain by the exact same kind of people that answered here, so obviously she doesn’t even want to try it.
I’m saying that because, while we’re having sex, i gently lube and penetrate her anus with a finger, action that brings out moans of pleasure. When she realises that she’s enjoying it, she pulls away like burned and acts like its wrong to feel good that way.

Sadly it is in human nature to be susceptible to group-think, to bow to peer pressure. Don’t ever accept anybody else’s opinion about anal sex until you’ve tried for yourself.

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