Message: All My Life Vaginal Didn’t Seem Right

Anonymous: omg, I didn’t know there were other people who felt like this too! All my life I’ve felt like vaginal sex didn’t seem right and I always played with my ass instead and asked guys to fuck me there, but a lot of them treated me like I was a freak for preferring it. One guy even said I should just be a gay man if I only want to get fucked in the ass, so I kind of stopped pushing it. You don’t know how happy I am to find this blog and see there are others out there too. How many of us are there?

I’m sorry you’ve had those experiences, that’s really unfortunate how some ignorant people behave towards women who prefer and only want anal. Most men would be thrilled to meet a woman who doesn’t want to have vaginal sex and only wants anal, I think. Keep trying, and stand up for and be up front about what you want and need. If someone doesn’t respect that, they don’t deserve you.

I’m glad this blog has encouraged you about the normalcy of your desires—that is part of its goal, to provide a place for all the many people who share this same preference to realize they aren’t alone and that it’s okay to be anal only and they aren’t a freak. I don’t know how many of us are out there, but it’s certainly growing in popularity all the time and no doubt many more are still quiet about being AO than those who talk about it in public.

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