Message: Anal Challenges & Myths

Anonymous: Hello! I’m a 23 yr old girl that knows that anal is fantastic since years ago. But, I still have some questions that hope you can answer: 1) Sometimes I want to have anal sex but my ass says NO; it doesn’t depend of the amount of lube and happens also when I’m hot as hell. Did this happened to you/some of your partners? Why this happen? What can I make for avoid it? 2) I’m very frightened about anal prolapse. What can I do for avoid this also? Thank you so much 🙂

Having difficulty with anal sex on occasion despite wanting very much to do it could be the result of a number of things. How often are you having anal sex or engaging in anal play? If a long enough period of time goes between, you may simply need more regular practice and more warmup before to help relax and prepare your anal muscles to fit a toy or your partner’s penis comfortably and without pain. I would suggest engaging in anal play more regularly when masturbating, as well as getting a butt plug or two to wear on occasion, especially in advance of having sex to help prepare. With more details about frequency and the particular issues you encounter, I might be able to offer more advice.

As for anal prolapse, this is really just not something to worry about for the vast majority of people. No link between anal sex and anal prolapse has been found, and it seems that the very rare cases of anal prolapse are actually the result of preexisting conditions. What is shown in porn semi-commonly is not actually the medical condition of anal prolapse, but a deliberate act where the performer pushes out with strengthened muscles while relaxing and loosening the anus itself. As long as you practice safe anal sex, anal prolapse simply shouldn’t be a concern.

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