Message: Long Term Cons of Anal Sex

Anonymous: so my boyfriend wants to try anal sometime. he has brought this up quite a bit so obviously it is something he is interested in. i guess i would be up for it but my main worry is the long term cons that come from doing it. you know like anal prolapse, it becoming too loose and not being able to hold things leading the diapers, anal tearing, anal cancer… etc. so how do you keep from getting all these things (especially the whole anal prolapse thing)?

Most of those cons are myths, or if they have a shade of truth, they aren’t in any way universal.

Anal prolapse is not caused by anal sex, even if it is regularly practiced. It is possible that it can be caused by extreme anal play at large sizes, but most “prolapse” in porn is a deliberate act resulting from a conscious pushing out after warming up to have a loosened anus, and is not something that happens involuntarily like the true medical condition of anal prolapse. True prolapse is much more likely to be cause by a predisposition to that condition rather than safe anal sex and play.

Looseness/involuntary muscle control leading to incontinence, etc., are caused by muscle damage, not anal sex. Regular anal sex with proper warmup and lube do not cause damage to the anal sphincters, they actually strengthen them and help develop greater muscle control. Read up on how to warm up properly for anal sex and never “push through” pain and you’ll be fine. There can be temporary looseness during and after anal sex, but you will tighten up again naturally after, usually within several hours or less.

Anal tearing can be a concern, and you should always warm up a sufficient amount and use plenty of lube to avoid it. With the right practices you can avoid it completely.

Anal cancer is not caused by anal sex, it’s caused by having sex with someone infected with HPV. There is nothing anal specific about this—HPV can also cause cervical cancer.

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