Message: Doesn’t Anal All The Time Damage A Girl’s Butt and Get Boring?

Anonymous: Isn’t it true that anal all time damages a girls butt? And wouldn’t doing the same thing all the time get boring?

No, that is not true. With lube and warmup, anal is perfectly safe, even practiced daily for years. There are couples out there who have been having anal sex only, regularly, for 20+ years with zero problems. The anus is a muscle, and using it properly can actually help strengthen it and develop good muscle control and tone. Regular anal sex can therefore give the illusion of increased looseness, but in reality this is generally due to the ability to consciously relax more easily and open up at will for easier sex. Similarly, the idea that anal sex causes anal prolapse is a myth. In reality, some people are prone to developing an anal prolapse and studies have found that it’s likely to happen for those people whether they have anal sex or not. But it’s very uncommon. In general the sort of injuries you might hear about from anal result from bad practices—sex without proper warmup or lube, resulting in a painful experience and potential injuries. If anal hurts, you’re doing it wrong and are at risk of injury.

As for boring, no. Because it’s not the same thing all the time, there’s all sorts of variety possible with anal and oral. It’s just the exclusion of vaginal intercourse. To many, that exclusion is something exciting and a turn on, not a limitation—either because vaginal sex doesn’t interest them, or because the absence of it from their sex life is an appealing fetish.

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