Month: March 2016

A Misunderstanding About Anal

Anonymous: Hey girl! What do you like about anal? I mean, what is the fantasy for you? Is it humiliation, the fact that “you don’t have pleasure” like with vagina, or what?

willowkitty: Hey there!

For me personally, I enjoy anal for the sensation. The stretching feeling, the full feeling, the pressure… It’s incredible pleasurable for me. Just thinking about it makes me squirm a bit.

From what you said, it sounds like you are implying that it’s not possible to feel pleasure from anal. That is not my experience at all, and I know I am not alone in that.

Anal is not for everybody, but it can be a very pleasurable experience when done properly. It should not be uncomfortable or painful, and if it is then you need to listen to your body and slow down or stop. Anal is not something you can rush in to. It requires a lot of time, patience, and lube; start small, and slowly work your way up. 🙂

Featured Forum Discussion: Achieving Anal Orgasms

This has probably been discussed before but I have been vaginally chaste for almost nine months and still cannot orgasm from anal stimulation. In the past I tried a combination of vaginal and anal stimulation with less and less vaginal stimulation so I can better associate sexual pleasure with anal sex. I’m starting to think that maybe it isn’t physically possible for some women to have anal orgasms but haven’t completely given up. Any advice?

Several people posted their experiences and suggestions, and now, a number of months later, a followup has been posted:

Update: I’ve since achieved regular anal orgasms. Two things make a big difference for me. The first is masturbating my ass while having a full bladder. Having to pee really bad and holding it in while I get down to business, for whatever reason, makes it much more pleasurable. I think it might be that filling my ass with a toy, along with a full bladder, puts a lot of pressure on my vagina. But the pleasure doesn’t exactly radiate from my vagina (or maybe it does and some nerve endings are crossed? I really don’t know). The source of it feels like it’s deep in my ass toward the front (i.e. toward my vagina). Stimulating this pleasure zone results in long, mind-blowing orgasms. I still don’t understand the physiology of this, so if anyone can shed some light on why this happens I’d be very grateful.

Read the full thread for other discussion on the subject as well as the rest of her update.

Anonymous Slut Confession

internetsbestsluts: I really love anal play and have been taking the time to train myself to bigger and bigger plugs and toys recently. So today, since there’s not a lot of people in my office and I’m usually alone in my part of the office, I decided to bring some plugs with me to work.

I started off by wearing a very small silicone one. Only about an inch thick, but it was just to get my ass used to being filled constantly all day. I told myself that if I could be extra productive and finish a certain amount of work before lunch I could move up to the bigger plug I brought. So when lunch time came around and I was a productive little butt slut, I went to the restroom and slowly pulled out the little one to make room for the big one.

This bigger one is glass and shaped like an arrow, I call this guy the mean plug. He’s got a reasonable girth to him, except for the flare of the arrow, which is about 2 inches in diameter. It took me a few minutes of fucking my ass in the restroom with the plug to for it to feel more comfortable and not just painful…but it’s been in my ass since noon and I have been bouncing in my chair all day!!! I’m so fucking horny and can’t wait to get home, but I have to take a grocery shopping trip first! I can’t wait to feel the red covering my face as I wonder if anyone knows why I’m walking like there’s something stuck up my ass. 😉 I fucking love being an anal slut!

Message: Well On My Way to Being a Butt Slut

Anonymous: I’m so thrilled with myself right now! I started the new year with a promise to make myself anal only by my birthday in April. I’ve been practicing all the time and just yesterday, I finally took a soft, six inch dildo all the way with only a little preparation and no pain! Well on my way to being a butt slut! Thanks for the inspiration!

Congratulations! That’s an excellent goal, and I’m glad to hear that you’re having great success with it. Keep it up, and good luck!

Message: Boyfriend Thinks Anal Makes Him Gay

Anonymous: I’m a 20 year old female and my boyfriend is 22. I suggested anal only as a lifestyle I was interested in. He thinks anal is gross or that it makes him gay in someway. Do you have any advice on how to convince a boy to at least try anal with me?

First of all, I’d suggest temporarily backing off the suggestions to be anal only if he’s starting with hesitations towards any sort of anal. Start by just trying to get him to try anal play and eventually anal sex with you. For that, I’d suggest a two-pronged effort.

First, talk with him. Explain that you really enjoy anal and would like to enjoy it together. If you find it more pleasurable than vaginal, tell him that too. Explain that there are ways to clean yourself out before having anal sex (though this isn’t always necessary for everyone, of course) to ensure it’s hygienic. Reassure him that there’s nothing gay about a man having sex with a woman, regardless of what form that sex is taking. Gay men have oral sex with each other, but you don’t see very many men refusing to receive a blowjob from a woman because it’s “gay”.

Second, start doing more anal play on yourself if you aren’t already. Get a butt plug if you don’t have one and start wearing it around him, including trying it during vaginal sex with him. In this way you can both compromise in some way and enjoy some anal play while you’re together even if he isn’t directly involved in the anal activities, and you can visually demonstrate to him your continued interest in anal and hopefully help to sexualize that area for him over time by wearing plugs and playing with yourself anally around him.

Message: Can Only Squirt Vaginally

kitti3-prize: I’ve gotten to where I’ve incorporated anal into masturbation and sex every time but still need vaginal with my boyfriend at least after orgasm, because I only squirt vaginally. I did Once anally but not as powerful and not without vaginal. Any tips?

Keep trying. Try some longer periods anal only—sometimes it can take more time to adapt to anal being your only form of penetration, and it can take going back and forth for a while, gradually increasing the amount of time you’re anal only before you can get to where you’re ready to be fully anal only.

If you have squirted anally once, you certainly have the ability and you just need to keep chasing it and figuring out what it is that makes you able to do so. Even if it was less powerful, that could simply be because it was your first time doing so in that different manner and you need to try it more.

Ultimately you may find that you need some vaginal stimulation as well, and if that is what you need, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I do encourage experimenting further before deciding that.

Message: Our Secret to Anal Only

Anonymous: Our secret to having anal only life style….When my wife informs me she will take a shower this means she wants to enjoy having her anus tickled with my tongue. It’s a sure bet she will let me cum inside her rectum. Never in her life did she dream that one day she would beg for anal sex. It’s now at the point that I lube my cock with her pussy juices, place the head of my cock onto her anus, and suddenly my cock gets sucked in. Our anal only life style took a natural course.

It seems that a natural, gradual shift to anal only happens to a lot of couples who enjoy the lifestyle. There are plenty who make the conscious choice to to try it, but many report simply ending up there over time because it ended up being what they preferred.

Thanks for sharing!