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This has probably been discussed before but I have been vaginally chaste for almost nine months and still cannot orgasm from anal stimulation. In the past I tried a combination of vaginal and anal stimulation with less and less vaginal stimulation so I can better associate sexual pleasure with anal sex. I’m starting to think that maybe it isn’t physically possible for some women to have anal orgasms but haven’t completely given up. Any advice?

Several people posted their experiences and suggestions, and now, a number of months later, a followup has been posted:

Update: I’ve since achieved regular anal orgasms. Two things make a big difference for me. The first is masturbating my ass while having a full bladder. Having to pee really bad and holding it in while I get down to business, for whatever reason, makes it much more pleasurable. I think it might be that filling my ass with a toy, along with a full bladder, puts a lot of pressure on my vagina. But the pleasure doesn’t exactly radiate from my vagina (or maybe it does and some nerve endings are crossed? I really don’t know). The source of it feels like it’s deep in my ass toward the front (i.e. toward my vagina). Stimulating this pleasure zone results in long, mind-blowing orgasms. I still don’t understand the physiology of this, so if anyone can shed some light on why this happens I’d be very grateful.

Read the full thread for other discussion on the subject as well as the rest of her update.

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