Month: March 2016

Message: Getting Turned On When I Go To The Bathroom Now

Anonymous: I’ve been reading here for 2 months and my boy and I’ve done more anal recently – I’ve slowly been encouraging me to fuck me more back there, and we’ve done many anal-only sessions. I get turned on more now by anal porn and fantasize about it a lot more – weird thing is now whenever I have to uh, go to the bathroom, I can’t help but feel Im “getting ready for him” even if I’m not specifically, and kinda get turned on by it – and sometimes getting turned on makes me have to go too. Is that weird?

Not at all weird. It sounds like you’re a natural to go anal only, and your body is treating your ass as a full blown sex organ already and incorporating it into your arousal patterns. It might be time to give up vaginal full time.

Message: Very First Orgasm Was an Anal Orgasm

Anonymous: Geez! I just found this blog and it made me remember how I ended up into anal all because of my first girlfriend. We were in a long-distance relationship, so she asked me to keep myself a virgin so she could be the one to “pop” my cherry. Instead of preventing me for any kid of sexual pleasure, she asked me to play with my ass! My very, very first orgasm was an anal one! Not even a “just rub the clit” kind of orgasm. I was hooked after that.

How long did you stay anal only after that?

Message: Keeping the Anal Only Streak Alive

Anonymous: it’s march 24 and i haven’t had anything in my pussy since january 27, and it’s only been touched for lube. i can’t take it anymore, i need something in my pussy, but starting april 1 i’m going to see how long i can go! this current streak wasn’t even intentional, it just happened, so i want to see how it goes when i try.

Congratulations on making it this far. Do you think you would be able to hold out longer if you played with your clit along with anal? If that’s the factor you need to stay anal only, I think it’s fair to include that as long as it’s combined with anal penetration at the same time.

I usually don’t encourage stopping after a long streak and trying to start again later, as it might be harder to do so, but that’s not always the case, and for some people they find an occasional break now and then drives them to try for longer the next time, and through a cycle of alternating back and forth can be beneficial. Either way, I wish you luck on trying to intentionally go anal only April 1!

Message: Boyfriend Training Me to Be His Anal Only Whore

Anonymous: My boyfriend is training me to be an anal only whore for him. It’s been a month and I’m no longer allowed to touch my cunt at all! He’s warned me I won’t cum unless it happens while he’s banging my asshole open. Pretty soon I’ll be his perfect hole! My throat and pussy existing only to lube his cock so he can ram me till I cry like his bitch! I know my place now and I’ve never been happier!

Hopelessly Addicted to Anal

Anonymous: What got you into anal?

willowkitty: That is a really difficult question to answer. I’ve always enjoyed anal sex, from the first time I ever experimented many years ago. I went a long period of time without anal as I was in a long term relationship with a partner who was not interested at all.

I recently had my love for anal re-sparked as I started exploring my sexuality again, and started doing live cam shows; I also received a lot of encouragement. I started training daily (late summer of 2015) when I realized how much I love the stretching sensation; I’ve also always been a size queen when it comes to toys, so it was probably inevitable hehe. The bigger I go, the more amazing it feels.

I’m hopelessly (& happily) addicted now & I won’t ever go without anal again. 🙂

Message: Anal with IBS

Anonymous: My dominant and I really want to try anal, and I definitely want to explore it, but I have IBS and I’m so scared that I’m going to like have an accident or something… I know it’s unlikely but I worry about it so much. Also about not being completely clean.. I know my dominant wouldn’t care because, you are putting something in an out door, and he’s super understanding but I’m having trouble overcoming my own mental barriers and calming down enough to just do it! Any advice? 🙁

Practice on your own for a while to get more familiar with that part of yourself and what to expect. Yes, a mess might occasionally happen. But it’s not a big deal, and as you gain more experience you’ll see that it’s probably uncommon, not the end of the world if it does happen, and will also be able to better figure out when it might not be the best time to engage in anal play. Try fingering yourself in the shower for a while, experiment with a toy like a butt plug, and as you get more comfortable, try some non-intercourse anal play with your partner as well. Just approach it gradually and you’ll get more comfortable with the idea as you do so. And sometimes you’ll just have to accept that it’s not going to happen right then.

The Appeal of Anal Only

Anonymous asked: Hey. Long time follower of yours but I’ve never managed to catch a live show. Terrible work hours. You’re just fucking perfect. What turns me on the most though, is how exclusively anal you are. Wanting to lock away your pussy, never to be fucked again… I really want to know the psychology of this for you.

willowkitty: Hey there! Thank you! Sorry you haven’t been able to catch a show. I’m always online sporadically and at weird times – hoping once I move I can set a more steady cam schedule, maybe then you’ll be able to drop in 🙂

Mm, breaking down exactly why I find that fantasy so incredibly arousing is no easy task. There is no real one answer, and it’s certainly not simple to explain.

I adore the sensation I get from anal, more so than the sensation I get from vaginal penetration. It’s a lot more intense for me, and results in stronger orgasms. I also love being plugged for long periods of time, and venturing out of the house while plugged; a fun naughty little secret. Anal is just… so fucking amazing. That combined with my fascination with vaginal chastity makes for an absolutely lovely combination.

What about locking away my vagina do I find so satisfying? It’s more than just physical sensation, it’s the whole experience involving the mind, and body. Depriving myself of one sensation in favour of another, and the fantasy of submitting my control of it to someone else; surrendering completely. The idea of surrendering it completely in favour of training my ass is just… Yes please.

I feel like there’s more to say about exactly why I love the idea of being anal only… but I just don’t know how to put it to words. It just stimulates me, both physically & mentally, in so many different ways.

It’s definitely one of my biggest fantasies… just, unf.

Are All Women Capable of Anal Orgasm?

Anonymous asked: I love hearing about anal orgasms. My wife is anal only for about 1 or 2 months & orgasm denial as well. I’m ok with letting her cum but not with her cunt. Any advice about how to approach having an anal orgasm? Do you think all women are capable?

dumbandpretty: I don’t know if all women are capable, but I urge all women to try. What worked for me was building an association between clitoral and anal stimulation. I started with a finger in my ass while I fingered my clit, and gradually worked my way up to bigger and thicker objects in my ass, while reducing clitoral/vaginal contact as I did.

Message: Anal Only With Me but Vaginal With Other Men?

Anonymous: I asked my wife to have a only anal lifestyle, she asked me permission to make vaginal with other men. then I would have only anal. It is a good proposal, since I prefer anal only, what do you think, accepted?

If you’re okay with the arrangement, go for it. It’s not really anal only for her, but it is for you. If, however, down the road you’re going to start to resent and have a problem with the fact she has sex with other men, then it may not be the best of ideas.