Message: Can Only Squirt Vaginally

kitti3-prize: I’ve gotten to where I’ve incorporated anal into masturbation and sex every time but still need vaginal with my boyfriend at least after orgasm, because I only squirt vaginally. I did Once anally but not as powerful and not without vaginal. Any tips?

Keep trying. Try some longer periods anal only—sometimes it can take more time to adapt to anal being your only form of penetration, and it can take going back and forth for a while, gradually increasing the amount of time you’re anal only before you can get to where you’re ready to be fully anal only.

If you have squirted anally once, you certainly have the ability and you just need to keep chasing it and figuring out what it is that makes you able to do so. Even if it was less powerful, that could simply be because it was your first time doing so in that different manner and you need to try it more.

Ultimately you may find that you need some vaginal stimulation as well, and if that is what you need, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I do encourage experimenting further before deciding that.

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