Message: Clitoral + Anal = Bliss

Anonymous: Hey. I’m a girl and I’m not really interested in going anal only. I actually do enjoy vaginal/clitoral masturbation. However, I would say that the orgasm (Clitoral orgasm) is heightened dramatically by anal stimulation. I’d have to say clitoral + anal = bliss. I prefer it over clitoral alone. What are your thoughts on that?

Clitoral + anal tends to be the most pleasurable combination involving the clitoris for most women. I highly recommend it, especially when someone is first experimenting with anal, but it’s great for anyone and everyone. Many people combine clitoral stimulation with anal penetration and consider themselves anal only, for what it’s worth. Clitoral denial is an additional step beyond that which some people experiment with, but it certainly isn’t an essential step to being in the “anal only club”, as it were.

If you have no interest in being anal only, then don’t be. You can totally enjoy vaginal sex as well as anal. Do what you enjoy. If you do enjoy anal, though, and find anal + clit stim the most pleasurable sexual experience, I do suggest experimenting with a month or more of anal only just to give it a shot. Even if it isn’t something you want to do all the time, it can be fun to do every now and then for a while.

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