Message: Why Give Up Vaginal Even if Anal Is Good?

Anonymous: Just hitting you up with a curious question as I fell on anal only porn blogs entirely by accident and I was wondering why only anal is a thing? Surely if something, like clitoral stimulation or vaginal, is pleasurable it doesn’t make sense to give it up even if anal is good. So I was wondering if the appeal of anal only is a control/dominance thing? What is the appeal? I’m just very confused and turned on by everything but I would like to know more.

If you like clitoral stimulation or vaginal and want to keep doing those things, by all means, do so. Far more people enjoy anal as one of many forms of sex vs. being anal only, and that’s just as legitimate if it’s what you want.

But not everyone does. Some people find vaginal and/or clitoral stimulation painful. Some people just vastly prefer the pleasure they get from anal vs. vaginal and since vaginal doesn’t do that much for them, they replace it with anal. Some people can only orgasm from anal. Some just find it more intimate and by excluding vaginal, it makes everything else so much better. Some feel it’s more submissive and enjoy that aspect of it. If you talk to 20 different people who are or have been in anal only relationships, you’ll probably get 20 different answers as to why it appeals to them.

Clitoral denial is for me appealing in a variety of different ways. There may be a little bit of a dominance/submission aspect for some, but that’s not all of it. A major factor for me is the appeal of a woman being able to orgasm from anal stimulation alone. There are women who can do this naturally, and there are others who have learned to do it by denying themselves other stimulation for a while in order to focus on developing that ability anally. There are additional reasons as well, which don’t apply to everyone, and which are discussed elsewhere on this blog and others. In the end, though, if someone relies on their clit for enjoyment of anal, I certainly have no problem with that. I do think it’s good to experiment with trying anal without it, though, because if you only view anal through the filter of clitoral stimulation you’re limiting your potential experiences.

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