Message: Anal Only Without Clitoral Denial Isn’t Enough

Anonymous: To me, anal only without clitoral denial isn’t enough. If a girl is really enjoying anal sex, why should she touch her clit? It will only drag her attention from pure anal pleasure. I know there are girls out there who think differently, and if they want to call themselves anal only, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a clear difference between anal only girls who touch themselves while being ass-fucked and anal only girls who don’t. Shouldn’t there be different terms for each group?

“Anal only” is a slightly confusing term anyway, which tends to be more frequently interpreted as just “no vaginal intercourse” at its most basic. Everyone then applies their own variations to that core definition, and clitoral denial is one popular variation which does have many benefits and is perhaps the closest to pure anal only. This is why I generally suggest everyone try and experiment with clitoral denial for a while and see if they can work towards that goal. However, some women are simply unable to enjoy anal without clitoral stimulation and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to enjoy an anal only lifestyle with a different variation that includes clitoral stimulation alongside anal penetration.

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