Month: December 2015

Message: 2016 is the Year of Anal Training

Anonymous: I’ve always been interested in anal only. So I’m taking my desires a step further and declaring 2016 the year of Anal Training. My goal is to be an anal only slut by my birthday in April and if I can keep it up all year, going anal only for life. I’m also going to try entire pussy denial in favor of anal orgasm. First plug of the old year is in and not coming out till dawn of the new year! Wish me luck!

Good luck, and enjoy! Have a wonderful anal only new year!

Message: Fiancé Avoids Requests For Anal

Anonymous: I’m a huge fan of being fucked in my ass but my fiancé is either hesitant or just avoids my requests for anal sex. Got any tips on how I can entice him to stick his glorious 9″ inside my ass? I’d love to go ass only!

You’ll need to talk to him and see why he is resistant to anal. Outside the “anal only” sphere where everyone loves anal and it’s hard to imagine people who don’t, some men are turned off by the idea, thinking it’s dirty or weird or “gay”. Try to see if he’ll at least try it a few times to see what he thinks about it after, and if he likes it then try to do it with some regularity to begin. But if he’s hesitant still, try instead to incorporate some anal play into your sex life, even if that’s just wearing a butt plug during sex with him.

Most likely, if just the idea of anal sex on its own is currently unappealing to him, the idea of anal only is best avoided until a potential future point when he actually really likes anal and might be open to the idea.

Emotions from anal training

misslutification: What ive learned…

The more i train my ass the more i crave to fuck my ass.
I hate going a day without stuffing my asshole.

Once i was able to gape my asshole the feeling of my gaped asshole wouldnt go away.
Once it was gone i had to fuck my ass again to get it back.

I dont think about my pussy much any more. I dont desire it to be fucked. Its just there.
It just gets soaked everytime i neglect it for my asshole.

When i get horny i dont think about touching my pussy or clit just what can i put up my asshole.

I love being an anal slut

Message: Do You Advocate No Clit?

Anonymous: My husband has been trying to get me to commit to going anal only for a few months now. He recently found your blog and showed me it to prove that it’s a thing that people do and it’s helping to win me round. He says that I have to promise I’ll never touch my pussy or my clit in a sexual way ever again, and always keep my ass clean and ready for him. The only time he’ll be willing to go down on me is to rim me, and I will get no vaginal/clitoral stimulation whatsoever. Is that what you promote?

What I promote is doing some subset of those things if they are mutually appealing to all partners and everyone is on board with it and wants to do it. I definitely do not encourage pressuring anyone who isn’t interested to give up things they enjoy or do things they don’t enjoy. I also don’t encourage diving immediately into a state of absolute denial. Clitoral/orgasm denial, edging, etc., are some more advanced things that some people enjoy, but there are many others who consider themselves anal only who play with their clit and pussy in a non-penetrative manner during anal sex. Both are completely legitimate (as is not being anal only!).

Is anal sex something you already enjoy? If so, I would suggest a trial period of a month or more going anal only to see how you like it. If you enjoy being anal only, then try it for a longer period of time. If you don’t, then stop. It’s got to be something you both enjoy for it to work. And if you want to experiment with more advanced stages of denial, approach those gradually, and later. If you don’t, don’t. There’s nothing wrong with your husband wanting those things, but if you don’t share the interest, don’t let him force them on you. I’m not a fan of one sexual partner giving ultimatums or telling another what is going to happen from now on. Sex is a shared act, and everyone has an equal say.

Message: Women Love Anal But Don’t Trust Men To Do It Right

Anonymous: I’ve just had an interesting conversation with two female friends yesterday. We were jokingly talking about sex when suddenly anal came up. Both women stated that it’d take a lot for them to let a guy fuck them anally. When I asked why, their answer surprised me: Because most men don’t know how to do it properly. Both said that anal is much more intense than vaginal and that it’s possible to climax way harder. But the male lack of knowledge, which makes anal painful, is the real issue.

Absolutely: most people who try anal haven’t researched it before to learn the right way to do it and make it enjoyable for everyone. This leads to a lot of people who become turned off by anal and never want to try it again, or if they know it can be good but have had bad experiences with some people they become hesitant to try it until they absolutely trust someone.

Anyone who wants to try anal should sit down with their partner and talk about the process needed, and read guides to anal sex together to learn more about it if they need to. It’s not hard to have good anal sex, some people just seem averse to learning how to do it.

Message: I Can’t Believe There Are Real Girls Who Prefer Anal

Anonymous: do you got any examples of real girls which are anal only Or want to be anal only. Because i can’t believe that there are real girls which prefer anal over pussy.

There are people out there who prefer every kind of everything possible, and I can assure you there are women who prefer anal. I’m not going to showcase them in some sort of list of “anal only women”, however. If you do your own searching, you can easily find discussions and posts by women who prefer anal sex—many of them featured right on this blog.

Message: Having Difficult Time Getting Used to Anal

Anonymous: My husband and I have been trying to experiment with anal sex and I’m having a difficult time getting used to it. I’d rather lose my virginity again lol do you have any tips on how to make it easier? Specific toys to use maybe?

First, if you’re finding it uncomfortable or are having a hard time getting used to the sensations, make sure to play with your clit during any anal penetration. I know I often talk about clit denial here, but that’s more of an advanced thing to experiment with for people who already enjoy anal. When you’re starting out, you’ll almost always want to use a vibrator on or rub your clit, to help yourself interpret the new and unusual sensations of anal penetration in a pleasurable light.

If it’s just uncomfortable, doing it regularly along with clit play may be all you need. But if it’s actually painful, you probably need to warm up more first. The key to anal training and warmup is to start small at a size that is not painful, use that size for a little while, then go up gradually in size, and repeat incrementally until you’ve reached whatever size is your goal (if your goal is to have anal sex, then it would be around or slightly above the size of your partner’s penis). The more you get used to it, the less warmup you need, but at least some is generally a good idea. Wearing a good medium-sized butt plug on a regular basis—daily for a little while if possible—as well as before any time you plan to have anal sex will help a lot over time.

You can also try pushing out/bearing down gently as if going to the bathroom during penetration to help relax your muscles and make it easier.