Message: Women Love Anal But Don’t Trust Men To Do It Right

Anonymous: I’ve just had an interesting conversation with two female friends yesterday. We were jokingly talking about sex when suddenly anal came up. Both women stated that it’d take a lot for them to let a guy fuck them anally. When I asked why, their answer surprised me: Because most men don’t know how to do it properly. Both said that anal is much more intense than vaginal and that it’s possible to climax way harder. But the male lack of knowledge, which makes anal painful, is the real issue.

Absolutely: most people who try anal haven’t researched it before to learn the right way to do it and make it enjoyable for everyone. This leads to a lot of people who become turned off by anal and never want to try it again, or if they know it can be good but have had bad experiences with some people they become hesitant to try it until they absolutely trust someone.

Anyone who wants to try anal should sit down with their partner and talk about the process needed, and read guides to anal sex together to learn more about it if they need to. It’s not hard to have good anal sex, some people just seem averse to learning how to do it.

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