You Have to Work to Be Anal Only, and the Payoff Is Worth It

For a lot of people, anal sex is simply more work than vaginal sex. You need anal training when you’re getting started. You need to maintain a healthy diet or use douching or enemas to ensure clean anal sex. You need to follow a regular schedule of anal sex to stay in shape so it remains easy, or frequently wear butt plugs and masturbate with anal dildos. You need to ignore any vaginal cravings you might have and work to shift your arousal and focus to your ass. And if you’re going for a strict interpretation of anal only, you need to do the same with your clit and only stimulate yourself anally.

But though that can seem daunting to someone just starting out, or feel like it could get in the way of the ease, simplicity and spontaneity of sex some might be accustomed to with vaginal, it’s nowhere near as bad as it could seem. In fact, some of the greatest benefits of the anal only lifestyle come in part from the fact that it’s more effort.

Going Anal Only Can Increase Intimacy and Trust With Your Partner

By working together with a trusted partner to prepare for anal sex and go anal only together, you end up growing your mutual trust further. By its nature, anal sex is a physical connection in the most private and intimate part of the body, and if done wrong it can cause a lot of pain, so trust is a huge part of anal. By going anal only, you’re not just doing it on occasion, you’re making it your primary sexual activity and often enjoying it an average of 3 to 5 times a week, if not more often, so the positive effects on trust and intimacy are huge if executed properly. Couples who go anal only very regularly report how it brought them closer together as a couple and helped boost their intimacy and trust, and cite that as a major reason for going anal only.

The Exclusivity of Anal Only Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd

Even though the anal only lifestyle has been growing in popularity over the past decade, it’s still a relatively niche choice that many people haven’t even heard of, let alone tried for themselves. Over time, that will no doubt change, and this blog continues to advocate for everyone out there to try it for themselves, but as it is it remains relatively uncommon relative to the global population.

Because of this, and because of the effort involved to get to the point where you can have anal sex multiple times a week, if not daily, without ever doing vaginal, it sets anal only people aside as something different and special.

Most any girl can have vaginal sex easily, but it still takes a special woman to do anal every time instead, and that can be something to be proud of and something that makes you stand out as extraordinary. It can always be a great way to attract guys, who may prefer anal to vaginal and be interested in a partner who also prefers or exclusively does anal.

Anal Pleasure is, Quite Simply, Better than Vaginal

With the initial investment of anal training and getting to know the ropes of how to warm up for anal and any hygiene practices you need for your full enjoyment of anal, there has to be a worthwhile payoff. And boy, is there ever.

It’s almost universally stated between women who have tried anal more than a few times and know how to do it without pain that the pleasure from anal is far more intense than vaginal, and that anal orgasms are similarly more intense and pleasurable. Once someone goes anal only for a while and is able to get past any initial challenges, it’s extremely common to simply not go back to vaginal, because anal is just that much better.

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