Vaginal Sex is Unnatural

Now that I have your attention with that headline, let me be a bit more specific about what I mean. Obviously, the vagina and vaginal sex are a natural part of a woman’s body and of the reproductive process. While it’s not impossible to get pregnant without vaginal sex, that remains the standard process for reproduction even within most anal only relationships.

But the reality of human sexuality is that we’ve evolved past it existing primarily for reproductive purposes. Our urges aren’t just for having children, they’re for intimacy, trust and bonding with a partner, for pleasure and relaxation, for dominance and submission. Reproduction rarely, if ever, comes into it the vast majority of the time.

The vagina, however, is fundamentally optimized for reproductive purposes, and in order to use it for our non-reproductive sexual purposes we have to fight its true nature as a means of getting pregnant and giving birth, through the use of condoms—which are awkward and unenjoyable for most people, though they certainly have their place in situations with new or untested partners—or hormonal birth control—which can cause a variety of health problems for many women, though it can also very much benefit and help other women with certain conditions.

Anal sex, in contrast, is a completely non-reproductive act, and that in and of itself makes it more naturally suited to recreational sex. The fact that it’s also more intensely pleasurable, can more easily trigger orgasms for women, is more innately attractive to many men (and women too!), boosts arousal for women compared to vaginal sex and clitoral stimulation, and is commonly reported to lead to a significant increase in intimacy and trust between partners further solidifies its role as the ideal and, indeed, natural primary sex act for humans.

Why constantly fight vaginal’s true nature and risk pregnancy with imperfect and often harmful artificial birth control methods? Anal is natural birth control, optimized specifically for sex without pregnancy, with far more intense pleasure and satisfaction for everyone compared to vaginal. Introduce yourself to anal pleasure and the anal only lifestyle with our guide to anal sex and anal only!

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6 responses to “Vaginal Sex is Unnatural”

  1. Vedro says:

    You are devil’s slaves. Deeply sick people who lost their logics and soul.
    You do not know what the love is and that is the reason of your tragiclly fail. Love is all you need.If no love, deviant minds rule.

    • analonlylifestyle says:

      So you are suggesting that vaginal sex is required for love? What about people who love each other but are unable to have vaginal sex? What about people who love each other but don’t mutually enjoy vaginal sex together but are able to express that love physically with anal sex? Anal sex is not “deviant”, it’s just a different, and in my opinion, better way to have sex, share intimacy and express love.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hello. I just wanted to say that I completely agree with the post and I love this website. I have been reading it for years and am so delighted that they’re are other people with my natural sexual instincts as an anal loving straight man.

    I have no idea, save for reproduction, why anyone would waste their time having sex with a vagina when right there below it is a far more pleasurable and satisfying option. The asses of women are causing all these erections and men should start listening to their bodies and follow their sexual instincts instead of being societally programed to waste their time with boring vaginal sex. I like tattoos on women, and like tattoos, pussy is simply a decoration. Female buttholes are for nuzzling and loving penises.

  3. Buttlyn says:

    Vedro, how the hell did you find this blog? You were searching for anal porn, weren’t you? Prudish naughty boy…


    Anyway, I shall say that I’ve never thought this way before reading your post. It’s fucking logical and quite obvious. Still, most people are not able to see the truth about how stupid and artificial vaginal sex is nowadays. But there is a point you forgot to analyse. While vaginal requires condoms and hormone-based contraceptive methods, anal sex requires non-natural lube.

    • analonlylifestyle says:

      Anal does require lubrication of some sort for most people, yes. Some people have natural anal lubrication that is suitable for sex, in the form of increased production of anal mucous, but that is relatively uncommon. Some suffice with vaginal juices or saliva. But most use an artificial lubricant. Many people need an artificial lubricant for vaginal sex as well, however, especially but not exclusively post-pregnancy or post-menopause.

      Anal also requires more preparation and practice compared to vaginal. But the payoff for both of these things is still so much more worthwhile, and it still makes sense to me that in a relative sense anal is still better suited and more natural in a relative sense for pleasure than vaginal, even if it still requires some unnatural elements to be most effective.

  4. dawn_rhode says:

    I believe as I used to get told by an ex-bf that the vag is the wrong hole! He hated vag sex and it was a big turn off for him, and he was the one who taught me how wrong vag sex is. He showed me how not using my vag for anything at all increased my orgasms alot through anal sex. My ex-bf and I shared a much stronger closer bond then my friends and their boyfriends who did anal once in awhile or thought it was wrong altogether.

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