The Anal Only Lifestyle is the Future

Let’s be honest up front: while anal sex and the anal only lifestyle have been growing in popularity over the past decade, they still have a long way to go before we reach levels of widespread adoption. This is a long-term look at the future of human sexuality and an appeal for the anal only lifestyle to become the default for everyone.

That might be hard to process for many people who have not yet experienced the benefits of going anal only, but hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have a better understanding of why anal sex is not only better than vaginal, there are a lot of reasons why you should completely replace vaginal with anal for non-reproductive sexual activity.

Overpopulation is a Growing Concern

With climate change and other effects of overpopulation stressing our ecosystem in increasingly noticeable ways, drastic measures need to be taken to reverse the trend of exploding and unsustainable population growth. Global population numbers need to start going down before leveling back out again and remaining stable.

Widespread adoption of the anal only lifestyle has the natural side-effect of providing universal natural birth control to everyone, resulting in a near-complete elimination of unplanned pregnancies.

Sex for Pleasure, not Reproduction

Vaginas and vaginal sex still have their place in the anal only lifestyle, but specifically for planned reproduction, when a couple is ready to have a child, and know they want one. Separating reproductive vaginal sex from the intimacy, pleasure and recreation of anal sex, and ensuring that it remains only for that purpose, makes a lot of sense, since anal is better suited for pleasure and intimacy anyway, and is totally natural birth control.

Modern Values About Sex Are Changing Rapidly

We’re moving past the idea of primarily existing for biological purposes of reproduction. Women aren’t just for getting pregnant and making babies, spamming our world with copies of ourselves—we’re all equal partners now in life and pleasure, and our sex should evolve along with that. Women who have anal sex and who are anal only have far more satisfying sex lives, orgasm more frequently and more intensely, and enjoy closer, more trusting and more intimate relationships with their partners. By going anal only, you’re making sex about you and your partner and your shared pleasure and intimacy, rather than simply existing to reproduce.

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