Message: Why Does My Boyfriend Want Us To Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: My boyfriend has shown me this blog. He has said this is what he would like us to do. I’ll confess that though I am a little on the sub side and thought I was quite experienced and worldly I had never even heard of this lifestyle. I also feel confused. I do want to make him happy but what led up to this? Is he bored of me? Is there something wrong with my pussy? Help me to understand what he’s going through and how he sees me as I always thought we had good sex until this.

It is very likely that his desire to do this is not because of any boredom with you, but because of an innate desire he personally has. That is how it is for many people who prefer anal or want to take part in the anal only lifestyle—they simply have a preference for anal sex. It’s not a choice, really, it’s just what some people are more attracted to and find themselves preferring.

There are also those who find the idea hot and would simply like to try it to see if the reality lives up to the fantasy. If you’re willing to entertain the idea, perhaps suggest that you do a trial run—maybe even more than one, spaced out over time. A week of anal only, then back to normal for a while, then another week sometime in the future, and maybe increasing the amount of time you go anal only after a few sessions if you find yourself liking it.

However, you should not be going anal only unless you have experience with anal sex and are already comfortable having it as a regular part of your sex life. If not, the first step should be anal training, working towards painless anal sex, and exploring anal pleasure and the ways to orgasm from anal.

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