Anal Only Can Be a Commitment, But Well Worth It

Part of what makes the anal only lifestyle so rewarding is the fact that it’s a commitment. It takes effort for many women to get started, to resist the urges of their vaginal and clitoral habits, and to train for frequent anal. For many, vaginal may be easier, but by no means does that make it better.

Taking the first step and going a few weeks or months to get past the strong urges for vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation can be difficult, but with that focus and commitment and self control comes the clarity of anal pleasure and the amplification of arousal that comes from suppressing vaginal and clit stimulation in favor of anal only.

The cleaning and training routine to stay ready for anal sex on a regular schedule can seem like a lot to the uninitiated, but it can become an appealing part of the lifestyle for many, and actually serves to build the commitment: through all the effort and work put in, it makes someone not want to give up on it and go back to vaginal.

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