Vaginal Holds You Back From Real Pleasure

Many people enjoy anal sex, but not exclusively. They make anal a part of their sexual routine and enjoy it as a portion of the sex they have, though vaginal often remains some part of it as well.

Now, any inclusion of anal is better than none, but there’s something to be said about being anal only, and it’s something that’s hard to fully comprehend until you’ve tried it for yourself for a while.

Stopping all vaginal penetration entirely to focus purely on anal ends up amplifying your arousal and pleasure beyond simply having anal sex, and makes sex better, more enjoyable, and more exciting.

Why is this? It likely comes down to a combination of factors: the increased trust and intimacy that comes from focusing purely on anal sex, and the fact that vaginal and clitoral stimulation suppress arousal, especially post-orgasm, while anal tends to have far more arousal amplifying effects.

So, if you aren’t already, try going anal only for a few months and see what it’s like for yourself. You’ll most likely fall in love with it and not want to return to vaginal sex.

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