Message: Taking Anal Only To The Next Level

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I have been anal only for 2 years now and things are great, but we are trying to find something to really test my anal limits. We’ve used toys like dildos, vibrators, etc.. But we are looking for something new. Are there any interactions you can think of that will take our anal sex to an extreme? We are very adventerous. 🙂

Congratulations on the two years anal only! There are all sorts of things you could try doing to push your anal limits and get deeper into the anal only lifestyle.

  • If you use clitoral stimulation currently during masturbation or sex, you could work to stop that and focus on pure anal only and learn to orgasm from just anal (if you can’t already). Using numbing creams like Orajel can be a good part of this process as well, temporarily removing any sensations from your clit.
  • You could start wearing a butt plug more often until you more or less always have one in whenever possible aside from when having sex, using the bathroom, or cleaning.
  • You could buy larger dildos and plugs and continue pushing your size limits with them. Depth play can be fun in addition to increases in width.
  • You could start working towards double anal, whether with a third partner if that’s something that interests the both of you, or with a dildo alongside your boyfriend.
  • Similarly, you can start working towards anal fisting. The stretch can be similar to larger toys, but with the more intimate connection of your boyfriend’s hand inside you.
  • Chastity piercings to close your pussy and anal only-themed tattoos can be more advanced ways of symbolizing your anal only status.

I’ll be interested to hear what you end up trying!

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