Message: Tips to Focus on the Right Hole

Anonymous: Hi, I’m a vaginal virgin hoping to never use my pussy. I was wondering if you had any tips to focus more on the right hole instead of always rubbing my clit? Thanks

Good for you!

To start with, don’t ever rub your clit unless there’s a finger, toy or cock in your ass at the same time. Make sure anal is always present and ideally the dominant form of stimulation. Once you get that habit going, then work to start reducing the clitoral stimulation to just enough to orgasm at the end.

If you get horny and feel an urge to rub your clit when you aren’t already playing with your ass, rub your asshole and finger it instead, or get out a toy and use it in your ass. The hornier you get, the deeper and harder you can fuck your ass. Take that energy your clit is trying to get you to give it and redirect it to your asshole instead.

If you still struggle with not touching it, you can try getting some numbing cream like Orajel and applying a small amount to your clit to remove sensation from it temporarily. Some women do so regularly or before masturbating or having sex in order to remove the urge and break the habit long-term.

Above all, remember your goals to be permanently anal only and to avoid all use of your pussy and clit. This is what you want, so always remember that and build up the discipline and willpower through your desire to stay anal only to self-enforce that goal.

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great!

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