Message: Safe to Do Anal?

Anonymous: I really want to do anal because I know my partner wants it so bad! I just don’t know if it’s safe?

As with any sexual act, or most things in life, anal sex can have some risks, but these can be mitigated by educating yourself and practicing safe anal. Always use lube, practice and train—alone, with your partner, or both—before attempting sex, warm up by starting small and working up in size during each session, and very importantly, don’t do anything that hurts! If it hurts, it means you either don’t have enough lube, aren’t warmed up enough, or just aren’t ready for that size yet. And it also means you could injure yourself if you continue, so stop when something hurts, wait for the pain to fade and either try again more slowly or drop back to a smaller size for a little while before trying again.

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