Message: I Love Anal But My Boyfriend’s Too Big

Anonymous: My boyfriend keep prodding me about anal. I personally love anal and would love to try. Just one problem, he’s huge! I mean, he is bigger than anything I ever had. We tried once and while it was very painful, I felt a tiny ounce of pleasure. I need some advice on how to train my asshole to take my man’s cock easily. Thanks!

All anal training comes down a few simple steps: start small, incrementally work larger, and repeat as often as you can. Always start at the smaller end, each training session, and work back up over a few minutes to larger sizes. Keep pushing at that upper limit, flirting with the edge of what hurts, but not going past it. If you hit a point that really hurts, back off to something smaller for a few minutes before trying again. Repeat as much as often as it takes and you’ll get to that next larger size. Keep repeating that process with each new size until you’re up to his size, then before sex with him also run through a warmup procedure to his size again and you should be good to go.

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